April 2003


J.J. Byrne Park, Park  #

J.J. Byrne Park, Park Slope, Brooklyn.


Park Slope, Brooklyn. .  #

Park Slope, Brooklyn.

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Calling all situationists: Psy-Geo-Conflux, May 8-11, NYC, "brings together visual and sound artists, writers, and urban adventurers to explore the physical and psychological landscape of the city." Sign up to be a human chess piece. Via Flaneur, which is hosting a related reading.


East Village, Manhattan. The  #

the free willie nelson

East Village, Manhattan.
The "Top 10" was taped to the window. I think he means orca, not orc. See also Ftrain.


Park Slope, Brooklyn. .  #

Park Slope, Brooklyn.

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Eliot of slower.net is back from Mexico with a pile of good stuff. Go go Guerreros!


Van Sant Bridge, Solebury,  #

Van Sant Bridge, Solebury, Pennsylvania.
Some say it's haunted.

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The people behind Movable Type are gunning for Blogger/BlogSpot with TypePad.


New Hope, Pennsylvania. Bowman's  #

New Hope, Pennsylvania.

Bowman's Hill.

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Salon: The revolution will be photographed. It's a big wet kiss for the fabulous Fotolog.net (which is, understandably, slow today).


An item I wrote for  #

An item I wrote for the business section of Monday's NYT: Don't Mourn, Yet. These Obits Were Only Designs. It has some interesting stuff I dug up on the CNN.com obituary mess. More than a year ago, the CNN designer who made the obituary pages participated in Traffic Report, an experiment in "data voyeurism/data exhibitionism" that involved the publication of his browser history. This created links to his "internal" development pages, which included the obituary templates. Art can be dangerous.

Over at Webraw, Eric has some additional info that I couldn't jam into my story, including his correspondence with the designer last August.

Update: Chris Spears wrote and filled in some gaps in the narrative (I added the links).

I came across the development site that Prentz had set up through Google's image search about a week ago. The next day I posted it on the "#lost weblog," which has several Farkers in its ranks. From there, it took a matter of about seven hours for it to get posted on Fark.com. The claim that it was only accessible for 20 minutes is ludicrous. The Smoking Gun sent me a lovely gift package for finding this one.
Dan, who submitted the links to Fark, told me he saw them in an ICQ channel. This Usenet post has a quote from that channel that's an excerpt from the weblog mentioned above. And there's your complete and overly detailed chain of events.


A friend got a  #

A friend got a digital photo frame that downloads new photos while you sleep. He asked me to send a photo to it, so... I'm asking you to send a photo to it. Log in with username pics4claudio and password pics4claudio, hit "Send Pictures," upload photo, tweak if desired, then send to Claudio's "receiver." ("CEIVA prefers 640x480 pictures with a file size around 64KB, but not more than 3MB.") Once you're logged in you can see what photos other people sent. My contribution is above (name that movie).


Upper West Side, Manhattan.  #

Upper West Side, Manhattan.

Park Slope, Brooklyn.

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His relatively new "About" page says that Wen Ling in Beijing got a job as a photojournalist thanks to his photolog.

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Satan's Laundromat has a nice set of photos from Inwood.


Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. .  #

Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.

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Yo La Tengo sell out. Via Catherine.


Fort Greene, Brooklyn. .  #

Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

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Brooklyn Storefront Houses of Worship. Via Fotolog.

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Two years ago: Lightning and the Cube. One year ago: Landmark Pub.

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Bill Werde writes about what happened when he got frustrated with rejections from editors and took the self-publishing route with a story on anti-war videos.


Hempstead Branch, Long Island  #

Hempstead Branch, Long Island Rail Road, Monday.

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Arrt's Archives. "Fifty years studying L.I.R.R. history." You could spend your entire retirement building something like this.


Many thanks to those  #

Many thanks to those of you who responded to last week's request for volunteers for a mysterious collaborative photo project. Digital versions of the final output, which made someone very happy, are above and here.

Update: Some people volunteered after I had already run out of letter assignments. I think I responded to all of your notes, but in case I didn't, thanks for volunteering, and maybe next time.

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If you're going to be in Amsterdam before the end of June you can check out some of my photos of Saarinen's TWA Terminal in an exhibition on "organic architecture" at the Beurs van Berlage. Info in English here (with the wrong dates) and here. If you go, take a picture of my pictures for me.

Also, a note to the editors of La Opinion in Los Angeles, which used some of my New York City photos with a travel piece last month: Radio City Music Hall is not on the Lower East Side.


Upper West Side, Manhattan.  #

Upper West Side, Manhattan.

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NYT Op-Ed columnist Nick Kristof recently started doing something sort of like a weblog, except there are no links and the newest entries aren't at the top.

Also: A great story from John Burns in Baghdad. "Get real."

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Oops, sorry. (Background.)


Upper West Side, Manhattan.  #

Upper West Side, Manhattan.
Dan and his guitar are everywhere.

Upper West Side.
Who needs domain names?

Park Slope, Brooklyn.
Typo or child labor?

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The promise of America: "Democracy. Whiskey. And sexy!"

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Rion checks out the giant globe in the lobby of the old Daily News building.






THANK YOU for all the great fan mail. Here are some ACTUAL LETTERS from ACTUAL FANS of David Gallagher.

. . .

From: "Sandra " <...@frontiernet.net>
Subject: Hey

Hey David! I think that u are sooo freaken HOT!!! Seriosly, im not kidding, u are! I live in New York too, but I live upstate in Middletown. My dad lives in Manhatten and I visit him alot. I consider myself to be pretty and we should meet sometime. I watch ur show all the time. I think that its great!!! If u wanna talk to me email me at... Im looking foward to u emailing me back.

. . .

From: Bubblelishis...@aol.com
Subject: hey

Dear David Gallagher
I saw ure movie of little secrets it was very cute!
u look very cute in the movie
i think ure really hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!
O i happened to live 25 min away from u!!! u live in park slope right?
is'nt that weird!
U never know maybe ill get to see u sum time, that is if u come to brooklyn

Well.......bye for now!!
Write back

. . .

From: NIKLE...@aol.com
Subject: Hi!

Hey David what's up, how you been, well I wanted to tell you how much I love you heehee it may sound weird but I actually rented your movie lil secrets and IM 15 I live in Phoenix, Arizona. IM also from Queens, New York myself and going there this summer, and hopefully ill see you (I WISH) well who knows well I just wanted to say I enjoy  watching you act on 7th Heaven. oh yea you look so young I thought you were my age you do not look 18 at all. Well i hope you keep in touch with me well have fun

Luv Ya Angi


Bunny Rabbit

. . .

From: "Peter"
Subject: FANPOST

Hi David
Im Marc(13).
I'm from swizerland.
I look 7th Heaven every day
I would like,you write back



. . .

From: Crazydannie...@aol.com
Subject: (no subject)

David you are soo hot i wanna marry u!!!!

. . .

From: Sk8terMonky...@aol.com
Subject: hello

Hello David,

Hey, what's up? I liked the website, i searched it and you can make a website better than I can. Well I just emailed you to tell ya how much I like her shows and stuff! Expecially 7th heaven, it's the best show. I always try to watch them, but I must admit I have been missin a few episodes....:( But I also have been playin Kingdom Hearts, when I figured out you were Riku I was so shocked, ( cause I thought I knew who's voice that was. ). Well anyway, great job on the voice of Riku. Who is my favorite character. Well I've been watching Look Who's Talking Two lately. IO love that movie, it's so funny. How old are you nowadays? I forget how old people are, I apologize if this letter is a bit to long. But I'm sure you've have fan letters that were about ten or twelve pages long. lol. Well I'll talk to you later, good luck with everything.

15 years Michigan

. . .

From: Rockstar...@aol.com
Subject: (no subject)

i feel kind of wierd writing this letter to you. i do not know if you are really David Gallagher? But i just wanted to tell you that you are a really wonderful actor and my dream when i go up is to become a actress. I also think you are really cute!! i guess i might talk to you later bye!?

. . .

From: AngelBaby...@aol.com
Subject: (no subject)

You are so Hot. You are so cool. you are so Sweet. you are so cute. you are my favorite Actor. I am your number

1 fan. you are so hot in 7th Heaven. I hope you keep playing in 7th Heaven for a longe time because you are good in if. Keep doing a great job like you are doing. You are my favorite person in 7th Heaven. You are so Hot. you are a Hottie. I watch 7th Heaven every week.



Of  Missiouri.

. . .

From: LuckyStuf...@aol.com
Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2002 20:58:25 EDT
Subject: hey

hi! i love your character on Seventh Heaven. Are u that kewl and normal in real life?  I think you are the HOTTEST BOY ALIVE!  how old are you any way?  and could you tell me how old matt, mary, and lucy are on the show?  Thanks!


p,s, here's a pic of me!

. . .


Hello David!
My Favoritefan is Leonardo Dicpario and David Gallagherand Daniel Racclife. ( Harry Potter).

The beiden Boys find I sehr cool.
Sag mal, hast du Friendin.
My adress is 2061... My Handynumber is 0676/....

Bye, Irene ...!

. . .

From: ... <...@sympatico.ca>
Subject: hey i love your show

hey david or who every made this site. my name is stephanie ... i'm from london ontario. and i have been showing your show for like every i started watching your show the first day it came on now i show if dayly i think david is way cool and i love him every if i have never met him. i know you have alot of fans right but i'm your 1# fan and i'm not joking one word. i am hoping your never i'm writing to gets this email and email's me back. becuse i think this is my favorite site every. who every websit this is and who freads this email will email me back because i am david's 1# fan so please email me back whenever you read tjis email please. i also think david is a hotte and hoping i can he can read this but i bet that will never happen in this world. all i can do is pray and wait tell someone emails me back. so if you get this email please try to email me back at snowbabies99@hotmail.com good-bye for now

stephanie ... your 1# fan

. . .

From: "Norberto ..." <...@hotmail.com>
Subject: Hola from Panama

I am Norberto Suarez. I alwyas watch 7th Heaven. I would like to keep in touch with David G. well, I am really would like to meet him some day in the future. also I want to keep a friendship with him
well, I got to go know I hope he can answere me soon.


. . .

From: amine ... <...@yahoo.fr>
Subject: hello my friende

Hello: david gallagher
Good I t\' have write several times and I do not know if you received the messages that I t\' have write!!!!!!!je t\' write because you are my actor favourites because you are splendid in
series of 7th heaven you are formidable je wants to tell you a thing but I am a little bit dismay bon I t\' like I do not know why?? c\' is a feeling stronger than me I t\' cannot explained how.....de any way I wants qu\' one is friendly truths and for always.....
I t\' have to bring l\' water but I cannot make you drink with soon j\' hopes and your message with patience then s\' it you await like j\' you m\' write
you write me please

. . .

From: Glittergrl...@aol.com
Subject: ?

im confused......wat kinda site is this.i was just searching for pictures of david gallagher and this was a choice .?

. . .

From: Tmmyelzel...@aol.com
Subject: (no subject)

David Gallaggher out of all the boys I liked youre not like the others .Its a crazy everyones changing .When I lose my way ill be okay when I think about you .Weve got all the luckwe could be given.DavidG I wish you were here ! Bye David I will miss
you . I will think about you.
lots of love to you David Gallagher.
May god bless you
P.S promise me youll read this 1000 kisses!!!!!!!!!!! BYE!!!!!!!!!!

. . .

From: <...@aol.com>

i would love to see you naked from head to toe

. . .

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