An item I wrote for

An item I wrote for the business section of Monday's NYT: Don't Mourn, Yet. These Obits Were Only Designs. It has some interesting stuff I dug up on the CNN.com obituary mess. More than a year ago, the CNN designer who made the obituary pages participated in Traffic Report, an experiment in "data voyeurism/data exhibitionism" that involved the publication of his browser history. This created links to his "internal" development pages, which included the obituary templates. Art can be dangerous.

Over at Webraw, Eric has some additional info that I couldn't jam into my story, including his correspondence with the designer last August.

Update: Chris Spears wrote and filled in some gaps in the narrative (I added the links).

I came across the development site that Prentz had set up through Google's image search about a week ago. The next day I posted it on the "#lost weblog," which has several Farkers in its ranks. From there, it took a matter of about seven hours for it to get posted on Fark.com. The claim that it was only accessible for 20 minutes is ludicrous. The Smoking Gun sent me a lovely gift package for finding this one.
Dan, who submitted the links to Fark, told me he saw them in an ICQ channel. This Usenet post has a quote from that channel that's an excerpt from the weblog mentioned above. And there's your complete and overly detailed chain of events.