May 2003


Spy shots, Soho, Manhattan.  #

Spy shots, Soho, Manhattan.

. . .

There will most likely be no new stuff here until next month.


Soho, Manhattan. . .  #

Soho, Manhattan.

. . . Gargoyles. Also: PLEASE.


Ukrainian Festival, East Village,  #

Ukrainian Festival, East Village, Manhattan.

Soho, Manhattan.


Upper West Side, Manhattan.  #

Upper West Side, Manhattan.

Soho, Manhattan.

Garment District, Manhattan.

Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.

. . . has been overhauled. I like this one.


Hudson River Park near  #

Hudson River Park near the Village, Manhattan.
Looks like a bunch of slickly renovated piers are about to open up.

. . . just soft-launched a new improved movies section. I've been enjoying poking around in the archive of reviews, the oldest of which is from 1929. See also The 1,000 Best Movies Ever Made.


Gowanus, Brooklyn. More on  #

home of eagle clothes

Gowanus, Brooklyn.
More on the sign here and here.

. . .

Something I wrote for the NYT's business section: Google Hiring Engineers for a New York Office. They're announcing today that they want to hire 100 people here. Apparently not everyone wants to move to Mountain View.

. . .

This will demonstrate that it is possible to blog from Bryant Park. Windblown spray from the fountain is, however, a potential hazard to laptops.


I wrote a little blurb  #

I wrote a little blurb for the NYT's Circuits section on the forthcoming TypePad blog service from the Movable Type people. This screen shot was in the print version.


Bad luck, Park Slope,  #

Bad luck, Park Slope, Brooklyn.

. . .

Psychogeographical update: The Psy-Geo-Con Audio Blog will be accepting submissions via cell phone as of tomorrow. And the Voice has a story on this weekend's events. Too bad I will be out of town.


Times Square, Manhattan. Congrats  #

Times Square, Manhattan.
Congrats to Tony.

. . .

Games at Atheist and Buddhist. Via the Gel Conference, which was a lot of fun. If I wasn't forced to leave early I would have asked James Kunstler whether reviving the old ideas about town squares and such really means we have to live in buildings that look like they've been stolen from Tuscan villages.

. . .