May 2006


Montauk, Long Island, New York (1)  #

Newark, New Jersey, from the Turnpike (5)  #
columbia container services
god bless america china shipping

Upper Bucks County, Pennsylvania (4)  #

rummel's barber shop
groceries with balloons
go in style the last ride

Banking hall, Williamsburgh Bank Building (2)  #

As The Post reported recently, the former banking hall of the Williamsburgh Bank Building will one day house a chain bookstore. The giant mural at one end makes the building look like the center of the universe -- which of course it is.

Williamsburgh Bank Building, Brooklyn (0)  #

williamsburg bank cornerstone laid

A terrace of the Williamsburgh Bank Building, a.k.a. One Hanson Place, was open on Sunday as part of the Fort Greene Association House Tour. It's turning into a very tall condominium. Out go the dentists, like so many wisdom teeth. More photos: Brownstoner, NewYorkology.

Mendoza and vicinity, Argentina (3)  #


Museo de Ciencias Naturales y Antropológicas Juan Cornelio Moyano, Mendoza, Argentina (1)  #

Designed by Manuel and Arturo Civit in the then-trendy seafaring-German-rationalist style, this building opened in 1937 as a civic center and is now Mendoza's decrepit natural history museum.

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