Museo de Ciencias Naturales y Antropológicas Juan Cornelio Moyano, Mendoza, Argentina (1)

Designed by Manuel and Arturo Civit in the then-trendy seafaring-German-rationalist style, this building opened in 1937 as a civic center and is now Mendoza's decrepit natural history museum.


those photos of that decrepit civic center, tells me more than I wanted to ever know, the "one picture = 1000 words thing" about how
1...Argentina once prided itself as the Culture of old Europe.
2...Peron and other dictators took power.
3...the Great depression there, as bad or worse than any 1930 depression here in the usa!
thus i get a feeling of "its gone", life passed most of southern south america by.

thus here I have this feeling from this incredible arctecture, that once dreams and hopes were Real, but the dreamer awoke, the dream never lasted, all hope is now gone!!


our civilization, like all civilizations, must some day come to an end.....


Posted by: freestone wilson at May 10, 2006 10:44 AM
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