Adams Lodge, Ancient Free

Adams Lodge, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, Wellfleet, Massachusetts.
I'm not sure what the ceremonial function of the radioactive Masonic lightbulbs might be. More Masonry.

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Steven Johnson, whose book I will get around to reading one of these days, has a new weblog. Via BuzzMachine.

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I responded to John P. Taylor's note, and he calmed down a bit.

The fact of the matter is I had a terrible weekend, like on a bad, disastrous sitcom, and I took it out on you by means of my letter. ... Incidentally, on a sorely needed positive note, especially after a rant like that, I recommend an excellent movie. Luc Besson's 2001 movie "Yamakasi. " It is an action movie with altruism at its core. An admirable and much required quality. ...