Provincetown, Massachusetts. . .

Provincetown, Massachusetts.

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Randomentality is a good photolog despite its Canadian origins.

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Forgot to note that I wrote this for yesterday's NYT, at the request of an editor: Service Plans to Sell Answers on Hoover's.

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Reader mail, with links added:

From: "voxim" <...@ms15.hinet.net>
Subject: David F.Gallagher - Mr.Qaddafi You've Got Mail
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 11:18:51 +0800

Dear Mr.Gallagher,
As if the title was not puerile enough, you had to include absolutely time wasting comments from a "14-year-old boy in Melbourne."
Why waste our time and your print space with such absolute and complete rubbish. Mr.Gallagher if you are struggling to become a completely irrelevant and time-wasting pseudo-writer, congratulations! You have succeeded ! Why on earth even entertain this kind of crap in you brain, let alone print it....
My God man! What are you trying to do, lobotomise us with your literary cattle prod...!
Somebody should send you to China and hopefully to one of the many gulags, or labour reform camps. Maybe you could talk to some of the Falun Gong people about torture and complete denial of human rights.

You sir are a grade A, number one, outstanding, ponce!

Congratulations! If the Guiness Book of Records had a section for completely puerile and offensively obnoxious writing, I reckon you would come in third. Mainly because you are completely mediocre, even when it comes to being offensive or irrelevant. You cannot even be number one at being an arsehole...Do not give up your day job unless you intend on being professionally irrelevant....

Good luck to you dear fellow. You will no doubt need every drop you can get !

John P. Taylor.

Where can I get one of those literary cattle prods?