Park Slope, Brooklyn. It's

Park Slope, Brooklyn.

It's hard to determine what this store is all about. I think it has something to do with achieving financial freedom by painting small ceramic cherubs.

. . .

It was great to meet crazed genius Rob of Cockeyed.com the other day. He recently completed a cross-country drive.

In Nebraska, we tuned to a radio show called "The party line". It was a simple call-in show that allowed people to announce stuff that they had for sale on the air. For instance, one person had a baby changing table for sale for $40. You can reach her at 463-4294 (Nebraska area code). Another person had a humidifier for $10, and queen size bedding for $40. She can be reached at 463-7423.
(Note: Nebraska actually has two area codes, 308 and 402.)