Lower Broadway, Manhattan. .

Lower Broadway, Manhattan.

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Jami writes in reference to yesterday's photos:

goddammit i almost went there once! it was my second week living in manhattan. the first weekend i had met this weird artist boy and he had called me and asked me out for the second weekend. he had a car, so i said sure. we were supposed to go to landmark, he had heard about it, so we wandered around looking for it. tried calling 411 but they had no record. we somehow stumbled upon it, knocked on the door, and someone actually answered and said that "it was closed for the winter." they said we should try back in the spring. but that was 98 - would it still have been open then?

later on he and i went to some snotty pants party in chelsea and people were mean to us so we stole some designer sunglasses and left.

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