July 2005


Red Hook at night (1)  #


Red Hook, Brooklyn.


Montauk (0)  #


Montauk, Long Island, New York.


Camp Hero, Montauk (8)  #

do not enter building closed to public

Camp Hero, Montauk, Long Island, New York.
This area is littered with the remnants of old Army, Navy and Air Force installations. These 600-foot-long tree-covered bunkers are from World War II.

An Air Force radar station from the 1950's.

Early on (before the big radar thing) the base was disguised as a little New England village. The gymnasium was supposed to look like a church.

montauk project i know

Much of the area is now part of Camp Hero State Park, which opened in 2002. The military no doubt hoped that opening it up to the public would help kill the rampant conspiracy theories surrounding the site. It doesn't seem to be working.

See also 2003.10.03 and more Montauk.


Manhattan crowds (0)  #

Central Park.

Times Square.


Manhattan, assorted (3)  #

there is no

Soho, Manhattan.

block drug store

East Village.

Lower East Side.


Jackson Heights, Sunnyside, Queens (2)  #

beck's photo

please curb your dog


edward d lynch funeral home

Jackson Heights and Sunnyside, Queens.


Signs, Flatbush and Fifth Avenues, Brooklyn (2)  #

donuts coffee shop

philip a robinson licensed electrician

prime meats

Fifth Avenue and Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn.
The last one is a ghost sign that surfaced when a newer sign was removed from a now-vacant storefront. It has confused at least one Chowhounder. See also 01.07.


School visit, Manhattan (3)  #

Gramercy, Manhattan.
The Manhattan Trade School for Girls is now the School of the Future (no, really!).

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