Camp Hero, Montauk (8) #

do not enter building closed to public

Camp Hero, Montauk, Long Island, New York.
This area is littered with the remnants of old Army, Navy and Air Force installations. These 600-foot-long tree-covered bunkers are from World War II.

An Air Force radar station from the 1950's.

Early on (before the big radar thing) the base was disguised as a little New England village. The gymnasium was supposed to look like a church.

montauk project i know

Much of the area is now part of Camp Hero State Park, which opened in 2002. The military no doubt hoped that opening it up to the public would help kill the rampant conspiracy theories surrounding the site. It doesn't seem to be working.

See also 2003.10.03 and more Montauk.


Interesting site and sights.

Posted by: photojunkie at July 21, 2005 6:12 AM

was just there today, 08/06/05. Still don't understand why they would open it to the public when access to any of its buildings/facilities is forbidden. Also, most roads there are off limits to the general public. Even though I don't want to believe, it definitely makes me wonder. The truth is out there...

Posted by: Kid at August 6, 2005 8:20 PM

I allege that in Grants Pass, Oregon there exists a clandestine Human science facility not unlike Camp Hero in Long Island. Of course you cannot find anything about GP. Their secret subliminal MC experiments are on-going and brutal.

Posted by: Benjamin J. Brown at October 20, 2005 6:47 PM

I moved away from Grants Pass, Oregon about a year ago due to above mentioned on-goings. I believe there is something going on underneath or around Rogue Community College. A few years back there was a house fire and all of a sudden there were US Army Corp of Engineers swarming all around. There also looks like there is a bunker near the main entrance next to an unused guard shack. Then immediately after the fire a cell tower appeared at the top of the hill. I most definitely agree that SOMETHING strange is going on in GP.

Posted by: Ex GP'er at June 22, 2006 3:20 PM

think anyone will try to sneak into the place and make an expose'?providing there's anything left in the supposed underground base.

Posted by: curious_cat at October 12, 2006 11:24 PM

The RF subliminal base in Grants Pass, Oregon is going absolutley crazy. Everywhere you go, the taverns, the stores, even in the library and courthouse you hear scripted "double-speak" and choreographed psycho-dramas. The town is totally possessed by these clandestine science freaks. Ex-GPer, you were lucky to get out.

Posted by: Benjamin J. Brown at November 4, 2006 7:42 PM

something has to be going on

Posted by: Adrian at September 3, 2008 10:35 PM

you can get in.... you just have to be crafty! and yes...EXPERIMENTS as they call them did go on here! get crafty and you'll start to see the truth.

Posted by: at February 21, 2011 3:34 PM
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