February 2004


Brooklyn various  #

Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn.

Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.

Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn.

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Rion.nu: Times Square wildlife.

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Vanity plates. Also, a useful guide to compass roses in public places.


Brooklyn-Queens Expressway  #

Brooklyn, from the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.
John Ottati 1900.


Park Slope, Brooklyn  #

Park Slope, Brooklyn.
How not to win the affection of your girlfriend's neighbors.


Sunset Park, Brooklyn  #

Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

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If I can get there in time and I can think of something to say, I plan on participating in a presentation by some New York photologgers at the Apple Store in Soho on Thursday, organized by Jake. Come by and say hello.

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errr.dap.ro is a fine photolog from Bucharest, Romania.

Can anyone recommend some good Paris-based photologs?


Beacon, New York  #

Beacon, New York.

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Eye Control is a photolog from Toledo, with other exotic locations mixed in.


Hudson River Line and Beacon, New York  #

Hudson River Line and Beacon, New York.

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A week ago I wrote a story for the NYT on the availability of silent music tracks on Apple's iTunes store. After it came out, members of Sonic Youth finally got around to checking their e-mail, and their answers to my questions led to a follow-up story for today's paper: Mix-Up Over Sale of 'Silence' Cleared Up With a Little Talk. It turns out that the band never asked Apple to stop selling its 63-second chunk of silence as a 99-cent download. They complained, the track is available again, and all is right with the world.

I posted some related links last week.


Lower East Side, Manhattan  #

Lower East Side, Manhattan.
Who is Jean-Baptiste Therre?


Time Warner Center, Columbus Circle, Manhattan  #

Inside the new mall vertical urban shopping experience at the Time Warner Center, Columbus Circle, Manhattan.

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Flâneur, one of the Web's least frequently updated webzines, has updated. I liked Rob Walker's "Under the Freeway."


Just text  #

Daniel Okrent, the public editor of The New York Times, started something like a weblog today.

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If you're in NYC you may want to check out a show opening at Jen Bekman's gallery tomorrow night, featuring some of my favorite photologgers. Info on the opening reception here. Update: Links to the photographers' stuff here.


Silence  #

I wrote this for Monday's NYT: Downloaders Can Get Nothing for Something From Apple.

Via Jason I read this very funny writeup about the availability of 99-cent chunks of silence on iTunes. I tried to write something funnier and failed.

What didn't fit in the story: Brian Flemming claims to have purchased and downloaded the entire playlist of silent songs compiled by readers of As the Apple Turns, burned them to CD, ripped the CD to defeat Apple's copy protection and then whipped up his his own remix that is "more than the sum of its parts." He is selling his remix for 99 cents and has imposed various draconian restrictions on its use, but he was kind enough to give me a free copy. Here's your free copy (3.6MB MP3). Turn it up!

-- Amazon preview of Ciccone Youth's "(Silence)": Real, Windows Media. (I asked them to comment, but Sonic Youth has thus far remained silent.)
-- You can buy the sheet music for "4"33'," John Cage's silent masterpiece, for just $4.25. Note that at 1.6 cents per second before tax and shipping, this silence is cheaper than that in the iTunes playlist, which is 2.2 cents/second. Of course if you're not musically inclined, you will have to hire someone to perform the Cage piece for you, which may increase your total cost.
-- I had heard about the copyright dispute involving the unauthorized use of Cage's silence, but I missed the part about it being settled for six figures. Are we sure this wasn't a publicity stunt? More.


Surf City and vicinity, North Carolina  #

Surf City and vicinity, North Carolina.

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Topsail Beach and Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina  #

Topsail Beach and Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina.

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Distressed inkjet prints by Jay Gardner. (How it's done.)


Motel/fish store, Hampstead, North Carolina  #

Motel/fish store, Hampstead, North Carolina.


Oystering, Hampstead, North Carolina  #

Oystering, Hampstead, North Carolina.

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Something I wrote for the business section of today's NYT: Legendary Voice for Hire. No Live Gigs. Ernie Anderson was the announcer who said "...on the Luvvvv Boat" for ABC. He's dead, but there's a chance you might still hear him on your favorite Top 40 station, thanks to ernieanderson.com, where little pieces of his voice are for rent. Trivia factoid: Ernie was the father of the director Paul Thomas Anderson, who dedicated "Boogie Nights" to him.

See also Carson Daly, robot D.J.

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