January 2004


Astoria, Queens  #

Astoria, Queens.
"Honey, while you're at the deli..."

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So this is a long shot, but: If you or someone you know was recently the victim of credit card fraud, in the form of large unauthorized charges from e-commerce sites, AND also purchased a plane ticket in the last few months, like maybe from American Airlines or someone else, please drop me a note. It's for potential journalistic purposes. Thanks.


Signs, Chinatown, Manhattan  #

Chinatown, Manhattan.
See also 2.24.2003. I wish I had snagged the old sign.


Chinese New Year, Chinatown, Manhattan  #

Year of the Monkey, Chinatown, Manhattan.
See also Bluejake.


Blurs, Midtown Manhattan  #

Midtown Manhattan.

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Chris Jordan: Industrial Studies. Via Red.


L.E.D. signs, Times Square, Soho, Manhattan  #

Times Square, Manhattan.

Soho, Manhattan.
Reminds me of the day last fall when the Wrigley's screen in Times Square was inexplicably displaying the world's biggest Windows desktop, strewn with icons the size of... sheep. See also World New York and Blue Screens of Death.

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JussPress, a research project at U.C. San Diego, is an interesting twist on Fotolog-style personal photo sharing. Notable features include a thumbnail view with comments-at-a-glance, various calendar views and, if you have the right gear and you're on campus, photos by location. Ryan Sit, its creator, tells me he's planning to release a commercial version once he's done with his thesis.


Park Slope, Brooklyn  #

Park Slope, Brooklyn.

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Three years ago: The Underberg Building (with recent update). Two years ago: Milan.


New York Transit Museum, Brooklyn  #

More from the New York Transit Museum, Brooklyn.

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Reader mail:

From: "plala" <...@taupe.plala.or.jp>

Dear sir,
I live in japan and i wanted to do shopping of your product in japan such
as jeans or shoes etc , so far that i want to have some shop address at
thank you

From: "toshi ..." <...@hotmail.com>
Subject: would you tell me how to get your shop?

?i 'm looking for Marlboro classices's swether(bule , handmade, like cardegan, size M,senter is fasuner)
can i get this swether?


Dear Thanika and Tosh:

I do not have any Marlboro Classics clothing to sell you. Such items are illegal in my country. And even if they weren't, they would be terribly unfashionable, because cigarettes are not cool. Didn't you hear that the Marlboro Man died of cancer? Do yourselves a favor and get some of those ape clothes all the kids are wearing over there instead. Apes are cool.

Your friend,


New York Transit Museum, Brooklyn  #

New York Transit Museum, Downtown Brooklyn.
Ladies and gentlemen, please do not ride on the cute little verandas while the train is in motion. See also 8.2.2001.


Camera phone photos  #

This is just a small sampling of the enigmatic images that have been enjoyed in recent weeks by subscribers to the mailing list for photos sent from my camera phone. This experiment in microbroadcasting will be continuing on a sporadic basis. Sign up here. Update: Answers to questions: The phone is a Samsung SGH-E715, and there are now 43 lucky people on the list.

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Bob Mould is a hyperlinking fiend.


London  #

See also 10.28.2002.

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Some French pop-culture trivia accumulated in Paris:

There was a great documentary on TV about the French disco scene in the 70's. The videos indicated that the French took disco fashion to extremes that Americans never dreamed of. One featured performer was Patrick Juvet, who had a hit in 1978 with "I Love America" (lyrics, Windows Media audio clip (Update: Link fixed)).

...The demanding music
From the people of Puerto Rico
I love to watch them play
Their music is so great
I love America
I love America
I love America...

One can only assume that recent events have made it hard for Patrick to cash in on the disco revival.

Also, someone told me that when Looney Tunes were translated into French, Pepé Le Pew, perhaps the world's most famous French animal, somehow became Italian. (Someone else also heard this.)


Signs, London  #

Signs, London.


London  #


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Writings and photos by Sasha-Frere Jones. Via things.


Weather Project, Tate Modern, London  #

The Weather Project by Olafur Eliasson, at the Tate Modern, London.
See also Slower.net. And 10.9.2002, 8.17.2001.

Mirror shot.

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Speaking of Slower.net, Eliot has posted some thoughts on the economic viability of photoblogging, or lack thereof. Give him some feedback.

These are people who are laying the whole thing open for us to see – where they've been, how they're seeing, whether they're trying something new today – the process really. And that's why a good photo blog has value over and above the value of individual pictures.


Paris from taxis  #

Paris, from taxis. Paris, Taxis. (E's joke.)


Centre Pompidou, Paris  #

Centre Pompidou, Paris.
I failed to record the artists' names etc. Let me know if these look familiar. Update: From top to bottom these are by César, Jean Dubuffet, Jean Tinguely and someone else. See a panorama of the ice cave in #2.


Georges, Centre Pompidou, Paris  #

Georges, on top of the Centre Pompidou, Paris.

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