Club de Pescadores (Fishermen), Buenos Aires (2)

A favorite Steve Zissou hangout.


A Steve Zissou hangout, indeed.

Posted by: Rick Burnes at April 18, 2006 8:24 AM

A warm invitation to the photoblog exhibit project from Beijing, China.

Hello. david:-)
i am Ziboy
On April 29th, I will have an
exhibition named "Here-Photoblogger Ziboy's Self Expression" at
Beijing Dimensions Gallery in China.

Besides displaying my photographs of Beijing taken during the past 5
years of making my photoblog, the exhibit also wishes to display
photographic works around the world taken by photographers whom the
iternet may connect.

The purpose is to demonstrate photography as a medium that overcomes
language. Using the form of photoblogs on the internet to promote
exchange and understanding among people from different countries and

You only have to send your photograph(s) to hiziboy@gmail.com
The received photograph(s) will be slide-showed using a projector in
the 4.29 exhibit, and will also likely to be printed in the exhibition

The method of participation in detail is as following:

There are three means by which to participate in this exhibition:
1. By e-mail.
Send your pictures to by e-mail to: hiziboy@gmail.com

2. photo-message
Send your pictures in a photo-message to: hiziboy@gmail.com

3. Hand your pictures in at the venue.
Apart from sending your pictures by e-mail or photo-message you may bring
digital or analog cameras to the exhibition venue and have pictures that you
have taken projected within the rolling film in the exhibition (card-reading
equipment for all forms of digital camera card will be available at the

1. Your pictures will be shown in rolling fashion at the exhibition venue
and may be printed in the exhibition album.
2. In your message, please highlight the photographer's name, the photograph
location, and when the photograph was taken.
3. Photographs should not exceed 1 MB.
If there are still any questions, please e-mail to: hiziboy@gmail.com
For more info, visit Dimensions Art Center's blog:


Posted by: wen at April 18, 2006 10:36 AM
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