Flushing, Queens (1)

Flushing, Queens.
Fried soup dumplings, much closer to home.


Flushing is a good place for variety of meals. But I have just encounter something that is so injustice on my part that I have to warn everyone who are living and at least living near Flushing area. The 24 hr HSBC ATM bank in the heart of Main street is where I withdraw my money from every time. One day when I went there I saw a Camera case that I notice with money sticking out of it. I looked around and saw nobody else. So I guess I could calm it for myself. As I left out the door two undercover Cops stopped me and asked me what I was doing with that case, I asked them I found it and “Yes” I was gonna take it………they then have me arrested saying I committed petite theft. Now corrected me if I’m wrong but isn’t petite theft stealing something that is 500 and below. But finding something and just taking it isn’t suppose to be a crime?............and not to mention those Undercover bastards didn’t even read me my rights.

Bottom line is: If u find something, even if’s a million dollars………becareful because it’s a F$%king trap setup by the police. Don’t get me wrong i’ve got a friend from school who’s a cop now and he’s a very cool guy……but some have nothing to do then to set people up just because they have nobody to arrest.

Posted by: Raven at October 15, 2005 2:56 PM
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