'Terminal Five' Exhibit, JFK Airport (6)

Eero Saarinen's TWA Terminal, JFK Airport, New York.
These are from a preview party for the 'Terminal 5' art exhibit, which opens today. I had high expectations for the exhibit, and it failed to meet them. The building, of course, looked great, and it was fun to be able to explore the lounges and such. But when you let your corporate sponsors take center stage (literally -- not pictured here), it makes the art look secondary. Not worth a special trip to the airport, but if you're early for a flight...

The flight information board was taken over by Jenny Holzer.

More of these are in a gallery of 28 photos. See also photos from March 2001 when the terminal was still a terminal.

10.05 Update: Here's the other problem with corporate sponsors:

Vanessa Beecroft, who showed a video of shackled black women in exaggerated black paint being ogled by mostly white revellers at a party the artist held two weeks earlier, found herself on the receiving end of well-intentioned but unfortunate censorship by JetBlue, one of the event's sponsors. As did Toland Grinnell, whose gold-plated vibrator was also pulled from show.

Via jimlowney.com.

10.06 Update: MUG is reporting that the Port Authority has shut down the exhibit for security reasons. More info here.

Related links: A more detailed writeup on the JetBlue problem. Photo of the Beecroft performance that displeased JetBlue. This writeup makes me wish the Ryoji Ikeda sound-and-light piece in one of the tunnels had been ready the night I was there.


It's good to see people in the terminal, though, at least. I have many fond memories of entering that terminal on the way to far-off places.

Posted by: Mike at October 2, 2004 7:38 AM

Mike: Yes, very true. Good to see it getting some love. (For those who don't know, it was closed for a while and faced an uncertain future. Now it looks like Jet Blue is going to do something with it.)

Posted by: David at October 3, 2004 6:19 AM

Apparently this has been shut down. Grr.

Posted by: Mike at October 6, 2004 9:08 PM

Read, then post. Read, then post.

Posted by: Mike at October 6, 2004 9:13 PM

The NYT reported that "Vomit and broken glass were on the terminal's floor." It looks pretty mellow to me.

Posted by: matt at October 7, 2004 8:45 PM

Matt: The photos are from last Wednesday night, not from the party on Friday that got the exhibit shut down. Wednesday was mostly mellow.

Posted by: David at October 7, 2004 9:30 PM
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