Girl, chair, Paris (6)


Back at the end of the month. There may be photos on the list, which recently added its 100th lucky subscriber.


What a smart little girl.

Posted by: angela at July 9, 2004 6:48 PM

Lovely snaphots.
Ah...things to do on a lazy afternoon.

Posted by: Austen at July 10, 2004 7:37 PM

these are stunning. can we trade? i seriously would love a copy of these two. back already! wow. i'll be sure f cleans up all the beer cans...

Posted by: KDunk at July 15, 2004 8:11 PM

The girl and chair are fabulous. These are the most thought provoking shots I have seen in a very long time. I can't help but wonder what was playing through the little girls mind while she created those designs. Thank you. :)

Posted by: tj at July 17, 2004 6:59 PM

Gorgeous shots :)

Posted by: Fi at July 21, 2004 5:12 AM

I wonder if she was aware of the paterns from down there

Posted by: Steven Marshall at July 27, 2004 6:13 AM