East Hampton and vicinity,

East Hampton and vicinity, L.I., N.Y.

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I wrote a story about LiveJournal for the NYT's Circuits section: A Site to Pour Out Emotions, and Just About Anything Else. In case you haven't seen it, LiveJournal is a service that hosts (as of today) 694,213 journals, which look something like weblogs but with fewer links and more "me, me, me." Given its size it's strange how little attention it's received.

Some related links:

-- This link will take you to a random LiveJournal journal. I am not responsible for any weirdness or unconventional spelling you may encounter.
-- LiveJournal's latest user statistics show that the site is adding more than 1,100 journals a day, even though you need to pay or know someone who's already on it to get a journal.
-- This great story from the July issue of Yahoo Internet Life (RIP) is a bit more colorful than mine.
-- Clay Shirky has been going around telling everyone who will listen how great LiveJournal is. Here are some notes from a talk he gave in May, courtesy of interconnected.org (p.s. nice photos).
-- I stumbled across this the other day: 0xDECAFBAD: LiveJournal Largely Ignored, But Why?
-- The Brunching Shuttlecocks: Gearod MacAllister's Amazing Livejournal (!!!)
-- You can e-mail my article to a friend. This might just put it on this list and make me feel popular.