Upper West Side, Manhattan.

Upper West Side, Manhattan.
There was some serious lightning the weekend before last.

. . .

Last fall a CD case containing 10 discs vanished from my checked suitcase. The empty jewel boxes are still sitting in my room, looking forlorn. I wouldn't mind having something to put in them. So if you own any of the following CDs and are able to burn me a copy, please do so. To demonstrate my gratitude I will send you a glossy print of the photo of your choosing from this site.

Amon Tobin: Supermodified
Bang on a Can/Brian Eno: Music for Airports
Massive Attack/Mad Professor: No Protection
Idlewild: 100 Broken Windows
Plaid: Rest Proof Clockwork
Sasha: Global Underground Ibiza, disc 1
Tom Waits: Mule Variations
Pavement: Slanted & Enchanted
The White Stripes: White Blood Cells
Everything But the Girl: Temperamental
And if you want to talk about music theft, please call Alitalia. Thank you.

Update: Karin is sending "Music for Airports" (which is really good to listen to in airports). Thanks!

Update 2: Felix and Rob are helping out with a bunch more. This might actually work.

Update 3: Mike likes Idlewild, Jason likes Plaid and Missy likes Amon Tobin and Tom Waits. They're all sending me CDs. Amazing. (How come nobody likes EBTG?)

Update 4: Juli likes EBTG. And that's 10.

. . .

I'm glad that the International Trademark Association managed to find a memorable URL.