Top of the Heap

As mentioned earlier, I wrote a story for Business 2.0 magazine about my campaign to become the #1 David Gallagher on Google. It's finally on the Web: Top of the Heap. (Update: Here's a local copy.)

The print version includes a picture of me Photoshopped onto a couch next to the other David Gallagher. A photographer and his assistant came to my apartment with a few hundred pounds of equipment and spent a good two hours setting up and taking some shots (see above). I was told to look competitive and mean, but I ended up looking really ill. You'll have to pick up the magazine to see the photo because I refuse to post it here.

Thanks again to those who supported the quest and made this all possible. You know who you are. (In case you forgot, you are Itchy Robot, Kip, Catherine, Obscurantist, Airnie, Spoom, The Bellona Times, Candace, New Things, Jerry, Julen, James (twice), Janet, Aaron, Andrew, Vardaman, dangerousmeta, bump, gmtPlus9, Creosote, Steve, Todd, Rebecca, BlahBlog, Retroglobe, mikel, Struat, Witold, Anil, CrankReport, Dean, The Morning News, Brian, Rich, Heiferman, Jason, Scott, Vanderwal, Neille, Neale, Neal, Funkyorange, Hunkabutta, Rion, bgirl, Julie, Kat, Toast, Introspekt, Bill, Nutlog, Inimitable, Andreas, Newstrolls, Greysweater, Lia and Ten15. Did I miss anybody?)

Some relevant links:

-- The quest started here and ended here.

-- Some historical info on weblogs and Google bombing was left on the editing-room floor. For background see Uber.nu: Google Bombing, Microcontent News: Google Time Bomb and Search Engine Watch: Google Bombs Aren't So Scary. (Just noticed that someone bought ads on Google tied to the keywords "talentless hack.")

-- If you want to see an example of a "domain farm," you could start at www.holidays-site.com and follow the links into infinity. I'm not linking to it because Google can punish sites just for linking to spam-infested "bad neighborhoods."

-- As you may know if you haven't just tuned in for the first time, the other David Gallagher and I go back a long way: So Sorry David Gallagher.

-- The part about my new quest to be the #1 David is just a joke. I know it would be impossible to beat the David Rumsey Historical Map Collection.