A handy guide to some

A handy guide to some of the less famous "Spider-Man" locations around the city, with photos from the archives.

The "Daily Bugle" building is actually the Flatiron Building, which gives its name to Manhattan's Flatiron District, once known as Silicon Alley. The building gets a credit at the end of the movie because its owners are trying to force people to license the right to use its image. So sue me.

A battle scene involves the Queensboro Bridge (also known as the 59th Street Bridge) and the tram to Roosevelt Island, which is a great ride. (The bright spot is the sun hitting the Citibank Building in Queens.)

The battle continues in what's left of the abandoned hospital on Roosevelt Island, a legendary modern ruin.

Earlier on, Spider-Man catches up with a bad guy in the decrepit Battery Maritime Building, an old ferry terminal. The building is at the southern tip of Manhattan, quite far from the New York Public Library in Midtown where Spidey begins his pursuit, and there are some areas of low-rise buildings in between, which would force him to take a cab. But hey, it's just a movie.