This week: Never-before-seen photos from

This week: Never-before-seen photos from travels in Greece last spring.

Chios, Greece, May 2001.
The biggest town on the island of Chios is called Chios. Its main park is littered with noisy kiddie rides. About 30 of them are bunched together in one corner of the park, forming a kind of mini-Disneyland. Its Walt is a grumpy old man in a Yankees cap.

This kid is probably unaware that his dinosaur is playing the theme song from "The Banana Splits" (which I always assumed was a ripoff of "Buffalo Soldier" [RealAudio, skip to the middle], but the Internet tells me it had to be the other way around).

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Many thanks to everyone who helped out with my successful quest. (Here's a screen shot for the historical record.) I learned a lot of interesting stuff along the way, some of which I'm writing about right now. Meanwhile I'm getting too much traffic from confused teens, so cut it out with the David Gallagher links already. The name of this site is lightningfield.com. Thanks.

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In other David Gallagher news:

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