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Last month I worked at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Manhattan, writing up reports on what happened in various discussion groups and such. They recently posted the reports on their site, so here are links to some of the ones I wrote, in descending order of potential interest. There are smart-quote glitches in some of these.

My favorite quote is from Rem Koolhaas in the first one: "Nothing could be more embarrassing and humiliating for a visionary than to be introduced as the creator of a Prada store."

Rem and friends on the role of architecture
Researchers on developments in artificial intelligence
Cisco, Siemens, FCC's Powell etc. on outlook for telecom and broadband
Media moguls on responsibility post-9.11
Intellectual property, drug pricing, rich vs. poor countries
Secretary of labor, CEOs on unemployment and layoffs
CEOs on dealing with change