Doylestown, Pennsylvania, and a quest

Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

. . .

I've decided that I want to be the most famous David Gallagher on the Internet, and if you have a Web site, you can help. How? Link to this site like so: David Gallagher. Here's the high-tech hypertext markup code for ease of copying and pasting:

<a href="http://www.lightningfield.com">David Gallagher</a>

Your links will show Google that this is clearly the most important David Gallagher-related site on the Web, far more relevant, entertaining and useful than those devoted to that other guy. (Similar tactics have worked for other people.)

See, this is not really about me, it's about striking a blow against the dominance of mediocre television-saturated mass-market culture. Also it would be fun to get more mail like this:

From: ...@aol.com
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 14:53:50 EST
Subject: Fwd: hey

Hi! I am like your greatest fan ever (maybe). Hey maybe we can go out some time. I am the same age as you. I drive a a red Firebird. Hey I have to tell you, you are really really HOTT. I have brown hair and brown eyes, and I am really beautiful too. I am going to give you something @----(