Media Watch, Milan. The big

Media Watch, Milan.

The big soccer games in Italy are all on pay television. But if you can't afford that, you can always watch a show like this for free. Two announcers at the stadium tell viewers what's happening on the field, while back in the studio a panel of experts offers instant analysis. The cameras aren't allowed to show the field, but they can show the fans in the stands. Bizarre.

Metro television. Short eye-candy feature clips, lots of ads ("MSN Shopping! MSN Shopping! MSN Shopping!") and a news ticker at the bottom. The video projector shuts off as the train pulls in.

. . .

I am behind on e-mail. Calliope in Vancouver wrote in about the glowing cattle photos from Brussels:

I don't know if you ever consider this, but they would be superb as a desktop pattern!
If you would like to put a fluorescent Belgian cow on your desktop, click here.