Edge of nowhere, Brooklyn #

Mayor Giuliani, still unwilling to increase the puny salaries of city teachers, announces new EduBench program in cooperation with the Metropolitan Transit Authority. Teachers participating in the program will be allowed to live on subway platforms without fear of police assault. (Their friends can sleep over too.)

. . .

An update on yesterday's entry from a sharp-eyed PhotoDude:

Your image of the sign of a sign at Times Square struck me. The sign that "promises photo opportunities at a nearby roadside tourist trap," well, that trap is "Bedrock City", just outside the Grand Canyon.

I have a very similar image of that sign squirreled away somewhere, from my trip, but don't have it online.

As Steven Wright says, "It's a small world. But I wouldn't want to have to paint it."

Good spotting. I pictured something more rustic. But in a way this is perfect. If you liked the Flintstones theme park, you're sure to love the New Times Square. (It keeps getting better.)