February 2006


Bensonhurst to Midwood, Brooklyn (4)  #

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ave j
On a hike from Bensonhurst to Midwood. Speaking of Bensonhurst, the comments on this entry are something to see. "hey tommy gallegher,i remember the night you beat up tommy snake in the bay bar.billy bang bang gave me the call."

Argentina (9)  #
We're planning a trip to Argentina next month, taking in Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Los Glaciares down in Patagonia. Seeking tips on what to do and where to eat and so forth. Leave a comment and point me to your beautiful photo galleries. Or drop me a note. We also want to meet some locals, even those without photoblogs.

p.s. When I asked about reserving a room at Hosteria El Pilar in Patagonia, the form they sent back requested not just the usual credit card information but also my date of birth, Social Security number and mother's maiden name. For good measure I sent them my complete genetic sequence and some of my baby pictures.

Chrystie Street, Lower East Side, Manhattan (2)  #
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Bay Ridge, Brooklyn (2)  #
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meat village
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have you heard about islam

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