November 2005


Books, sign (2)  #

books inc 301 w 20 st 10011

Midtown Manhattan.

sign inc

Lower East Side.

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Five years is a long time.


The Catacombs, Paris (6)  #

arrete! c'est ici l'empire de la mort

The Catacombs, Paris.
This part of the network of tunnels under the city holds bones moved from overcrowded cemeteries in the late 1700's. A much larger sprawl of abandoned quarries and other tunnels goes on for miles but is officially off-limits to the public.
More info: Wikipedia / Infiltration: Paris Underground / The secret movie theater / (French) / Don't get lost. See also 2004.03.22.


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More Suze.


Stuffed (0)  #

In an unlikely turn of events, a photo I took of abused stuffed animals is on the front page of the Times today, accompanying this article: They're Soft and Cuddly, So Why Lash Them to the Front of a Truck? See the slide show. Here's a big version of my photo for your desktop pleasure.


More Southall, London (2)  #

middx tyres

himalaya palace

gurdwara sri guru singh sabha southall

More from Southall, London.
Jalebi is basically a funnel cake drowning in syrup.


Southall, London (2)  #

welcome to southall

first pub in uk to accept rupees as currency


ct crou wedding cakes turog

Southall is the Jackson Heights of London.


Down the Thames, London (0)  #

metropolitan wharf

Along the Thames, London.
The much-ridiculed Millennium Dome is getting some love. See also 2002.10.09.

Update: Check out the opening party for the NYC Photobloggers exhibit, TONIGHT, Thursday, Nov. 3. I have a few prints in there.

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