September 2005


Wedding, Lower East Side (3)  #

Lower East Side, Manhattan.
Azerbaijani disco, and some chanting.


Chasam Sopher, Lower East Side (0)  #

Congregation Chasam Sopher, Lower East Side.


The Pinup Show (0)  #

brooklyn center for psychotherapy

Come see The Pinup Show, organized by Jen Bekman, upstairs at Fanelli's in Soho, 94 Prince near Mercer. The opening reception is Wednesday evening from 6 to 9. I'll be showing some phonecards. What are phonecards? Show up and find out.

Unrelated: Watch this space.

Update: The show continues this Thursday through Sunday, 2-8 p.m., and after the photoblogger gathering at the Apple Store on Friday.


Flushing, Queens (1)  #

Flushing, Queens.
Fried soup dumplings, much closer to home.


Message from New Orleans (1)  #

These are from the daughter of my dad's co-worker, who lives in New Orleans. I removed contact info - let me know if you want it (dfg-web (at)

7:45 am 9/2/05

Dear Friends and Family,

I got a call from my husband, Dr. Ross Judice of Acadian Ambulance
and Air Med Services, at 4:30 AM. He has been working at the medical
triage center at Louis Armstrong Airport in New Orleans since noon
yesterday and is working in tandem with FEMA operations. In fact he
is in the headquarters as I write this, coordinating with the command
center. He asked that I get this message out to as many people as

The airport is now full of over 2000 sick and injured patients. Ross
says that people are dying at a rate of 8-10 an hour in there. More
people are coming in by the hour and. FEMA has as yet no plan to
evacuate these people.

More... "Message from New Orleans"

Manhattan, Assorted (5)  #

Bryant Park, Manhattan.

Union Square.

jesus christ


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