February 2005


SnowCam, Park Slope (4)  #

SnowCam, Park Slope, Brooklyn.
Should update when something moves.

03.01 Update: The snow show is over.

Another update: In case you weren't watching and missed daybreak, it looked like this (272K .mov).


Chinatown, Manhattan (2)  #

ho ho enjoy washing feet 23 pell

Chinatown, Manhattan.
More Chinatown.


The Gates, Central Park (7)  #

The Gates (improved), Central Park.
More park.


The Metro, Washington D.C. (8)  #

The Metro, Washington D.C.
It's hard to imagine a transit system with a dramatic/spooky lighting scheme like this getting built today. More metros: Milan, Paris, Paris again.


Washington, Virginia (3)  #

(Little) Washington, Virginia, and vicinity.


Old Rag Mountain, Virginia (2)  #

Old Rag Mountain, Virginia.


Assorted colors (2)  #

Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Midtown Manhattan.

Red Hook, Brooklyn.


Parking meter, Park Slope (3)  #

Park Slope, Brooklyn.


Notes: Seeking China tips; Flickr; JPG Magazine (3)  #

Random notes:

-- My girlfriend and I are planning a trip to China in April. The plan so far is to go to Shanghai, Lijiang in Yunnan Province (with a side trip to the Wenhai Ecolodge), Chengdu in Sichuan Province, and Beijing. I'm looking for tips on useful sites, books to read, things to see, places to stay, restaurants to try, creatures to eat. We would also be interested in meeting up with people living in those places. Leave a comment or drop me a note: dfg-web (at) lightningfield (dot) com. I'll be collecting China-related links over here.

-- One of my photos from Deyrolle in Paris is in the first issue of JPG Magazine. I haven't seen a copy yet, but it's put together by some fine people so I have a feeling it's going to be good.

-- Iíve been posting cellphone photos and odds and ends to Flickr. Some but not all of the photos sent to subscribers to my photolist are also appearing there.

. . .