September 2004


From my phone (0)  #

image unavailable due to copyright restrictions

These were sent to the mailing list for photos sent from my camera phone in recent months. I'll be talking about the list at the N.Y.C. Photobloggers event at the Apple Store in Soho on Thursday.

Eliot will be there too and will hopefully talk about the photo hosting service he's been working on. Also presenting are the people behind these fine sites:, Joe's NYC, MetroPlus, Overshadowed, DirtDirt, Meccapixel and the legendary Hosted by Jake and Rion. Hope to see you there.

See also 2004.01.15.


42nd Street, Manhattan (2)  #

1834 to serve those who save

42nd Street, Manhattan.


Prospect Heights, Brooklyn (10)  #

samuel underberg inc supermarket equipment

Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.


Montauk, New York (3)  #


royal atlantic

terrorist hunting permit

Montauk, Long Island, New York.


Article on phishing (0)  #

Something I wrote for Monday's NYT: Users Find Too Many Phish in the Internet Sea. It's a look at all those fake Citibank messages you've been getting. One such message is analyzed in an accompanying graphic.

If you were kind enough to respond to my request for copies of fake Citibank e-mail, watch your mailbox for info on a little contest. Update: Jason 'Google browser' Kottke won a photo print.


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Crane, Park Slope (0)  #

honor america love it or leave it

Occupying force on the block, Park Slope. See also 2003.03.07.


Weddings (1)  #

Richmond, Virginia.

Lake Forest, Illinois.

Stone Ridge, New York.


Ape study, Sicily (4)  #

The scrappy Ape (pronounced 'AH-pay') has been a vital piece of Italy's economic infrastructure for decades. The name, which could be a liability elsewhere, means 'bee' in Italian. Perhaps it's a reference to the annoying sound they make.

The Ape is kind of a cross between a pickup truck and a Vespa (same manufacturer).

Its thin chassis makes it perfect for navigating the tiny ancient side streets of many Italian towns.

Great for transporting watermelons, or you can convert it into...

...a trash hauler...


...or an ice cream stand.

Plus it's faster than a speeding jogger.

Ape links:
-- Big Ape photo gallery (Five wheels with elephant)
-- Extreme Ape Racing!
-- A German guy toured Europe and crossed the Alps in an Ape (Translation, English PDF)
-- Hot-Dog Ape for sale
-- Ape and Piaggio history from (lots of photos of nutty vehicles here)
-- A new model, the Ape Web is not Internet-ready. Auto-translation: "It is the moment to start the logon with your friends, is the moment to enter in the net, is the moment to discover Ape Web."
-- The Ape Cross Country is the "most trendy" model, as it lets you transport your surfboard or snowboard while listening to the radio, says the site. You really need to see the TV commercial to understand the excitement these vehicles are generating among today's youth.


Request: Citibank phishing e-mail  #

A request: If you've received e-mail in the last two weeks or so pretending to be from Citibank and asking you to enter your account info on a dodgy site, can you please redirect (not forward) it to me at dfg-web at this domain name dot com? This is for research purposes. Thank you.

Update: Note that a reward will be given to a randomly selected contributor of such e-mail. Go poke around in that junk folder.

Update 2: Thanks for your submissions -- I have all I need. See the resulting article on phishing.


Taormina, Sicily (0)  #

lidia togni

hotel moderno

imperial palace hotel

Taormina, Sicily.

. . .