May 2004


Transvestites took my dog (4)  #

The Atomium, Brussels (1)  #

The Atomium, Brussels.
Built for the 1958 World's Fair. Up close it's nicely dilapidated, like the Millennium Falcon. More photos.


Brussels again (2)  #

general automatic amusement

Open house for the motorcycle cops.

Curbed (2)  #

Curbed is a new weblog built by Eliot and Khoi and written and published by Lockhart (I keep meaning to ask him if that's his real name). It's about New York real estate and other things.


Brussels (0)  #



museum of ancient art

special hiver carcasse garantie 10 ans



Subway photo ban (4)  #

NYT: Subway Officials Seek Ban on Picture-Taking. What a terrible idea. No mention of special permits for bloggers.

Gmail giveaway (14)  #

I have an invitation to open a Gmail account that I will give to the person who posts the most intriguing/entertaining/stunning self-portrait. Link to yours in the comments.


La Défense, Paris (5)  #

More from La Défense, edge of Paris.

Feed me (1)  #

In case you haven't noticed, this site has feeds now: XML and also Atom (do people use this?).

p.s. Thanks Feedster!

New Blogger (0)  #

I wrote a little item for the NYT's Circuits section on the recent changes to Blogger.


Grande Arche de la Défense, Paris (2)  #

Grande Arche de la Défense, edge of Paris.


Eliot Shepard (0)  #

Eliot Shepard: The Gothamist Interview. I'm just trying to picture how one would position the spoon without dropping one's camera or otherwise looking... like a guy trying to wield a spoon and a camera.

Musée Carnavalet, Paris (3)  #

Musée Carnavalet, Paris.
Over-the-top art deco and more.


Google Groups 2 (0)  #

Start your own group with Google Groups 2 (beta). Google gets into the mailing-list business.


Night, Paris (9)  #

Place de la Concorde

Gare St. Lazare

Gare St. Lazare




Brooklyn in Paris (0)  #

Les Halles, Paris.
A wide selection of trucker hats.

Brooklyn Security & Surveillance

At a Gap.

Under construction (5)  #

Ideas and bits of code stolen from Jake, Rion, Jason and many others. Hooray for "View Source."

Many thanks to Blogger for 3.5 years of quality service.


Kensington Gardens and elsewhere, London  #

Buddhist Punk

The Albert Memorial

Proof of God



Line 14, "Meteor," Paris Métro  #

Line 14 ("Meteor"), Paris Métro.
The line is driverless, so there are no headlights. But there is a big windshield so you can see the darkness you are hurtling through. See also 12.30.2003, 6.20.2003.

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Microsoft Word asks me: "Do you want to replace the existing Normal?" I hit "OK." So far things are pretty much the same. (Related.)

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Three years ago: Greece. Two years ago: The Edison Café. One year ago: Mirror.

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