Ideas and bits of code stolen from Jake, Rion, Jason and many others. Hooray for "View Source."

Many thanks to Blogger for 3.5 years of quality service.

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great work! lightningfield inspired all of us to start our sites, so it's only fitting that we kickback some love with your transition to a new CMS!

Posted by: jake at May 12, 2004 09:04 PM

David, since I slavishly copy my site after yours I guess I'll now have to dump blogger and switch to MT. Really, the categories and the page-per-post URLs are cool but i'm intimidated by the set-up.


Posted by: Thomas Locke Hobbs at May 13, 2004 04:53 PM

Thomas: The new Blogger has individual post pages too. Setup is not that fun. Feel free to slavishly copy.

Posted by: David at May 13, 2004 05:07 PM

Setup of MT, I mean. I'm still not sure I did it right...

Posted by: David at May 13, 2004 05:08 PM

yea! congrats. :D

Posted by: rion at May 13, 2004 05:46 PM