October 2003


Old City, Philadelphia. .  #

Old City, Philadelphia.

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Testing, don't bother.


Peace Valley Park, Bucks County, Pennsylvania  #

Peace Valley Park, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.
Canada needs to keep more of its geese to itself.

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Emese is collecting links to photos of the California wildfires.


Brooklyn Heights and vicinity, Brooklyn  #

From Brooklyn Heights and vicinity.

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Misterpants.com: Photos of the Watts Towers, Los Angeles. Huge versions available.


Subways  #



Big spaces, Park Slope  #

More from the former Brooklyn Tabernacle, Park Slope. See also 7.3.2003.

14th Regiment Armory, Park Slope.

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Artists saves "every package, bag, bottle or jar that once contained his food or drink" for two years, then puts them on display in Williamsburg. Via Nonsense NYC.


Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn  #

More from Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn.
See also 2002.10.16.


Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn.  #

Fifth Avenue, Park Slope and southwards, Brooklyn.

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Homemade time-lapse movie of Toronto. And another. I want to try this. Via Things.

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Make sure you know what the new colorized $20 bills look like.


Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn  #

Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn.
The spooky catacombs were opened up as part of Open House New York. More like this at Rion.nu and Meccapixel. See also 8.23.2001.


Bryant Park, Manhattan. "Writer's  #

Bryant Park, Manhattan.
"Writer's Block" is an installation by a former coworker of mine, on display in the park through Sunday. I wanted to liberate a few of the typewriters. More info.

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One year ago: London.


Downtown Brooklyn. Sometimes truth  #

coco sign co

Downtown Brooklyn.
Sometimes truth is stranger than Paul Auster.
(According to this page, the quoted roshi, or Zen master, is Shunryu Suzuki.)


Amagansett, Long Island, New  #

Amagansett, Long Island, New York.

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T.L. Hobbs tours the formerly off-limits Governor's Island.


Really the end of  #

Really the end of summer, Montauk, Long Island, New York.


Ditch Plains, Montauk, Long  #

Ditch Plains, Montauk, Long Island, New York.
WWII-era bunker up on the bluffs. For some area history see the Montauk Project. The truth is out there.

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