August 2003


Scarsdale, New York. .  #

11 Spring Street, Nolita,  #

11 Spring Street, Nolita, Manhattan.
For some time now (years?) this mystery building has exhibited few signs of life apart from the electric candles and carefully placed white drapes in each window. Lockhart Steele reported back in May that it was for sale.

A Gawker correspondent noted that the building is a favorite and famous canvas for street artists.

[Info removed by request.]

I took these photos last month. The building is apparently still for sale.

More info from Gawker readers here and here.

Yet another Gawker reader reported that this similarly spooky old bank building at Spring and the Bowery is the home and studio of the photographer Jay Maisel. Interior photos of basketball court etc. here and here.

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It's not just an Apple fan site. It's a site "devoted to those who camp in front of (ifo) Apple's stores" in order to be the first people inside on opening day. Now that's specialization.


42nd Street, Manhattan. See  #

42nd Street, Manhattan.
See also 4.17.2002.


Subway platform feedback. Fitzgerald  #

Subway platform feedback.
Fitzgerald & Fitzgerald are also proud exploiters of ethnic stereotypes.

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Twexus is a database of 20,385 photos and some ways to mess with them. I like symmetry.


Chatham, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  #

Chatham, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
See also 11.13.2002.

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I was asked to pass this along:

The Mirror Project Tribe on
invites you to join along in a Mirror Project "Flash" Mob.

Saturday 23 August 2003
Union Square, NYC, by the steps

Bring a camera, a small mirror, and you.

We'll assemble, shoot some mirror portraits, and go.
Ferget mobs without a purpose. "Flash" together.

Spread the news!


East New York (maybe),  #

East New York (maybe), Brooklyn.

. . . Hot or Not, Scratched.

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Leylop in Hangzhou, China, has a nice photolog and also some fine photos of local trash cans.


Blackout photos from Thursday night.  #

Blackout photos from Thursday night.

44th Street, Manhattan, 9:19 p.m.

Times Square, 12:08 a.m.

Fruit vendor, Canal Street, 1:04 a.m.

Manhattan Bridge entrance, 1:08 a.m.

From the bridge, 1:17 a.m.

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Cam has more photos and a good blackout link roundup.


Fort Greene, Brooklyn. .  #

Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

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Two years ago: Gas-station churches. One year ago: Lightning.


Park Slope  #

Street furniture.

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So I know that camera phones generally take bad pictures. But which ones take the least bad pictures? I've been scoping out the Samsung V205, the LG 6000 and the Sony-Ericsson T610. What's your favorite camera phone? Post comments and links to photos and so forth here.


Scotts Hill, North Carolina  #

Bonus movies from N.C.: an angry crab (200k .avi) and a new (to me) trend in automotive style, spinning hubcaps (460k .avi).

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The New York Public Library has put a load of old stereoscopic images online. If you cross your eyes enough they look 3-D-ish. The collection is called "Small-Town America" but there are plenty of New York shots.


Near Hampstead, North Carolina  #

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I got an e-mail recently from David Gallagher. No, not that David Gallagher. This one shares not only my first and last names but also my middle name. I asked him who he was and told him: "I thought I was the only David Francis Gallagher but it is good to know there is another one." He responded:

well im not just the other ONE.. my dad and grandfather's names are david francis gallagher

but anyways:

im 17 years old and i go to brunswick high school in brunswick georgia ..i
am 6' 177 lbs i have short light brown hair and hazel eyes i am in NJROTC
at school

if you would like to know anything else just ask


Park Slope, Brooklyn  #

Yesterday afternoon there was a loud WHOOMP and the apartment shook. A window blew out on the third floor of the building two doors up the street, sending bits of glass clear over to the far sidewalk. Apparently nobody was injured, including the ancient sweeping lady who lives downstairs. The bomb squad showed up, and I was told the cause of the explosion was under investigation, but I overheard something about aerosol cans and butane lighters. It's good to know that the neighbors have interesting hobbies.

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Group Fotologs. Very nice. Via Scott.

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PhotographyBLOG has a lot of info for gear freaks.

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New from Google: News Alerts.


Signs  #

Midtown Manhattan.

Upper West Side, Manhattan.

hot oil treatments

Park Slope, Brooklyn.

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