July 2003


Around  #

Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

East Village, Manhattan.

Chelsea, Manhattan.


Sammy's Roumanian (0)  #

Sammy's Roumanian, Lower East Side, Manhattan.
If you're lucky, a waiter will get up on a chair and sing selections from "Fiddler on the Roof."


Yankee Stadium  #

Yankee Stadium, the bleachers, section 39.

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Real Brooklyn: A Day in Our Lives is a collection of photos shot by 200-ish photographers on April 26 and 27. I submitted a Park Slope photo.


Montauk, Long Island, New York  #

See also 11.11.2002, 2.24.2003.

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Some of my photos of the TWA Terminal at JFK are in a new book called Featherweights: Light, Mobile and Floating Architecture, published by Prestel. The text of the book has that translated-from-German feel, but it's still quite readable, and there are lots of pretty pictures of buildings, which is what really counts.

One of the same photos is on the cover of a new textbook from Prentice-Hall, which is not a great read.

A recent article about the terminal from Manhattan User's Guide talks about the controversy over plans to alter the building. The article points out that the terminal is on the National Trust for Historic Preservation's list of 11 most endangered historic places.

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Laura's story is too good to be true.


Hither Hills State Park, Long Island, New York  #

If you head out into the woods here, be sure to allow yourself a few hours for tick removal at the end.

Bonus audio: Name that species.

See also 7.11.2001.

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Deserted farms in Iceland. Via Heather.


Montauk, Long Island, New York  #

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Robert Gallagher (no relation) of Viaden Inc. is quite a cheerleader. Has he ever seen a site he didn't like? (Of course he might have ulterior motives.)


Grand Central Station, Manhattan  #

See also 2.20.2002.

The Campbell Apartment.

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New-ish photolog: Zabriskie Point.


Lower East Side, Manhattan  #

The Surface Hotel, the megalith in the first photo, is one of Lockhart Steele's obsessions.

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LostBrooklyn.org suggests that one might never run out of new territory to explore. Tons of photos.

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Oscar Mayer deserves a far grander monument.

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Keeton has a good eye for bleeding-edge Web design.


Subway, Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn  #

Subway, Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn.
Easily one of the most chaotic places in the city thanks to never-ending construction.


Upper West Side, Manhattan  #


Upper West Side, Manhattan.

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New from Mike C: Meccapixel.


Waterside Plaza, New York  #

Waterside Plaza on the East River, Manhattan.

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Some new photo-weblog services: Expressions, "a visual blogging system," and Fotopages.com.


Brooklyn Tabernacle / 145 Park Place  #

Park Slope, Brooklyn.
A former movie palace, more recently the home of the Brooklyn Tabernacle, is being gutted and turned into an apartment building. See the panorama.

2006.02 Update: The new building is called 145 Park Place. On sale now.


Park Slope, Brooklyn  #

Park Slope, Brooklyn.

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Photos from Poland: staryzoliborz.com.

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The Official Ray Gordon FAQ. Usenet is a sad and scary place.


Terminal 2F, Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris  #

Terminal 2F, Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris, designed by Paul Andreu. There are more of these in a little gallery.

A photo shot in this terminal that ended up on a certain album cover was allegedly a candid. If so, where are all the autograph-seekers? (The photo was also doctored to insert religious propaganda.)

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Jason also went to Paris (and Copenhagen). Red went up on a roof. Eliot played with his flashlight.

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