September 2002


Ludlow, Shropshire, U.K. .  #

Ludlow, Shropshire, U.K.

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When my story on journalists and weblogs came out last week I wasn't able to post a batch of related links as I usually do, and by now nobody cares. But I did want to point to this post in Sheila Lennon's weblog on the Providence Journal's site, in which she offers the full text of our e-mail interview. Only a small bit of this made it into the finished story so I'm glad she made the whole thing available. This idea prompted some commentary on other sites, and Sheila followed up.

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Reader mail:

Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2002 23:54:47 -0400
Subject: "relatively obscure"?!
From: matt pfeffer

I figure you've been sent this already, but just in case:

This Reuters piece mentions you wrt your Google bomb. (The irony of a newswire calling one of its subjects "relatively obscure" appears to have escaped our intrepid reporter.)

Speaking of obscurity, my rival's official site has vanished. Either he is abandoning the struggle for Google dominance or he forgot to pay the hosting bill.

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Blogger seems to have obliterated the previous two entries so I'm pasting them into this one in such a way that you may not even notice.

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9.27.2002 :

Hello from London. A few things noticed:

If you've been out drinking here and don't want to drive home, you can call the ScooterMan. He will drive over on his scooter, fold it up, stick it in your trunk and drive you home in your car. (Are there no ScooterWomen?)

London Open House was last weekend. More than 500 buildings in the city that are normally closed to the public were opened up so architecture geeks could come in and check them out. Why doesn't New York do this?

Hyundai is using the Velvet Underground's "I'm Sticking With You" in a television commercial here. I'm not sure why. It's not a very good song.

U.K. people: Don't forget to try out Shazam and let me know how it goes.

Go check out some links.

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9.23.2002 :

Hello from Ludlow, Shropshire, U.K.

I wrote a story for today's NYT business section about journalists with blogs and the perks and pitfalls they're encountering: Reporters Find New Outlet, and Concerns, in Web Logs.

If you're in the U.K., do me a favor and try out Shazam. It's a new service that identifies songs for you over your mobile phone. Useful in bars etc. Send me your review, which I may post or use in a story.

No new photos until next week. Sorry.


Ghost signs, Garment District,  #

Ghost signs, Garment District, Manhattan.
More on automats.

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Reader mail:

From: "fabio"

Centre Market Place and  #

Centre Market Place and vicinity, Manhattan.
See also Berenice Abbott: Gunsmith, 1937.

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Know anyone who might be looking to sublet a room in a big two-bedroom apartment in Park Slope for a few months? Have them get in touch with me.

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At Photographica, from Finland: The silent people of Kainuu.

. . . Las Vegas.


Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir,  #

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, Central Park, Manhattan.


The financial district, Manhattan.  #

The financial district, Manhattan.

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A set of photos and thoughts I posted last November: 9.11 and after. The page also has links to sites I was reading on this day last year.

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Other things you might want to look at today:

The September 11 Digital Archive

Blue Man Group's Exhibit 13


Chinatown, Manhattan. . .  #

Chinatown, Manhattan.

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A RealAudio archive of the radio show I was on today is here. It also featured Rebecca Blood, Eric Olsen and a phone call from Norah Vincent. There were some interesting bits. The host made reference to this article of mine.

The discussion got me thinking about some numbers Evan gave me when I was working on that story. They indicated that while there was continued strong growth in the number of Blogger weblogs after 9/11, there wasn't the huge spike one might have expected. I'll dig up the e-mail after I finish another story on weblogs...


Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn.  #

Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn.

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Phantoms, photos by Daniel Radosh.

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On Tuesday at around 1:15 p.m. EST I'm going to be on Public Interest, a public radio show out of D.C., talking about weblogs and a certain anniversary. You can listen online or on some NPR affiliates around the country. In New York the show is on WNYE, 91.5 FM.

Update: It looks like the blogging segment of the show kicks off closer to 1:00 with the wise Rebecca Blood.

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Many thanks to those of you who helped out with my CD replacement program, which was an amazing success. I put the last of your prints in the mail on Friday.


Park Slope, Brooklyn. Fort  #

Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

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Speaking of journals, Jeff Bridges does his in longhand. Wacky.

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Photos from the Warehouse District in Minneapolis by Eric Neely.

Photos from the Illinois flatlands by Laura Holder.

New minimalist photo log: Evhead.


East Hampton and vicinity,  #

East Hampton and vicinity, L.I., N.Y.

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I wrote a story about LiveJournal for the NYT's Circuits section: A Site to Pour Out Emotions, and Just About Anything Else. In case you haven't seen it, LiveJournal is a service that hosts (as of today) 694,213 journals, which look something like weblogs but with fewer links and more "me, me, me." Given its size it's strange how little attention it's received.

Some related links:

-- This link will take you to a random LiveJournal journal. I am not responsible for any weirdness or unconventional spelling you may encounter.
-- LiveJournal's latest user statistics show that the site is adding more than 1,100 journals a day, even though you need to pay or know someone who's already on it to get a journal.
-- This great story from the July issue of Yahoo Internet Life (RIP) is a bit more colorful than mine.
-- Clay Shirky has been going around telling everyone who will listen how great LiveJournal is. Here are some notes from a talk he gave in May, courtesy of (p.s. nice photos).
-- I stumbled across this the other day: 0xDECAFBAD: LiveJournal Largely Ignored, But Why?
-- The Brunching Shuttlecocks: Gearod MacAllister's Amazing Livejournal (!!!)
-- You can e-mail my article to a friend. This might just put it on this list and make me feel popular.


Morton National Wildlife Refuge,  #

Morton National Wildlife Refuge, near Sag Harbor, L.I., N.Y.

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Neal Pollack's weblog. "My vast experience, both journalistic and sexual, has qualified me well for this task."

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Moby: Favorite Simpsons Lines.


Hook Mill, East Hampton,  #

Hook Mill, East Hampton, L.I., N.Y.

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