February 2002


Chinatown, Mahattan. Menacing baby  #

Chinatown, Mahattan.

Menacing baby doctor.

Festive dragon loses cool, mauls stunned pedestrian.

. . .

If you're in California, I urge you not to support the gubernatorial campaign of Bill Jones. He sends spam, and he's also a liar. "Your email was selected off the Internet based on your voter demographics," says Bill's note, which was sent to an address used only on a page about Europe, which is not in California. More info here.

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Lately I've been enjoying the works of Zora Neale Hurston, one of Australia's finest young authors.

Red, formerly of acute.org, is back. At least I'm pretty sure it's him.

Have I mentioned the quest?


More from Dumbo, Brooklyn.  #

More from Dumbo, Brooklyn.

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Jeff's site has many photos of New York streetlights and signals and stuff. Jeff, who notices many things, is upset about the "slaughter" of the old Walk/Don't Walk signs.

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Corante.com: Google Loves Blogs. Too bad it's still playing hard to get with me. But I still want to thank the following linkers for their efforts: Kat, Toast, Neal, Introspekt, Bill, Nutlog and Inimitable. Special thanks to Ev, even though he didn't follow directions.


Dumbo, Brooklyn. . .  #

Dumbo, Brooklyn.

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Famous unemployed guy Odd Todd gets busted by the Department of Labor for being too famous and unemployed.

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More questers: Andreas (I learned a new word in German: "Teenie-Star"), Newstrolls, Greysweater, Lia and Ten15. Let me know if I missed any.

Related: The Art of Being David Gallagher.


Times Square, Manhattan. .  #

Times Square, Manhattan.

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I got more help with the quest from New Things, Jerry, Julen, James (again), Janet, Mattpfeff, Aaron, Andrew and Vardaman.

So far, no change in the status quo. Either Google's computers are taking a while to process this huge outpouring of support, or being on television is a bigger deal than I thought it was. I'm not giving up.

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A little thing I wrote for the business section of today's NYT: Some Junk E-Mail Has a Poor Sense of Timing. It's about a guy who had the postmodern experience of getting woken up by spam.

Steve of the Spamhaus Project, Julian of SpamCop and Cam and friends helped out with a related inquiry. Thanks all.


Subways, On the Manhattan  #


On the Manhattan Bridge.

New mural in the Times Square station. No sign yet but I bet it's by Owen Smith.

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It just doesn't stop: dangerousmeta (creative), bump, gmtPlus9, Creosote, Steve, Todd, James and I can't do any more links right now.

Someone asked me what's wrong with being #3. Talk to Michelle Kwan.


Prada, Soho, Manhattan, designed  #

Prada, Soho, Manhattan, designed by Rem Koolhaas.

Display screen hung on a clothing rack, displaying... clothing racks.

Round elevator reflected in curved ceiling.

The store is not as bad as people say it is. I had fun. Of course I wasn't compelled to buy anything, so maybe it's a huge failure.

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More joiners: Rebecca, BlahBlog, mikel, Struat, Witold, Anil, CrankReport, Textism (stealthily), The Morning News, Brian, Rich and, uh, Daypop. Let me know if I missed any. I probably did.

It's great to know that you all think I'm #1, but Google still thinks I'm #3, which is so unfair. The quest continues.

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Spam quote of the day: "There will be no following-up e-mails. If you do not want any following-up e-mails, reply me by typing 'remove' in the subject area of the e-mail."


Grand Central Station, Manhattan.  #

Grand Central Station, Manhattan.
The chandeliers are covered with naked bulbs because the lightbulb was considered a sexy technology at the time. I read this somewhere.

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Heiferman, Kottke, Raymond and Vanderwal join the movement.

For those of you just joining us: The point of this ongoing quest, which has nothing to do with my ego whatsoever, is to put this site in the #1 spot in a Google search for David Gallagher, trouncing this punk (whose official site, by the way, has really gone downhill lately).

Hey, this actually works. Your links have catapulted this site to #3 from #5 in just six days. But the hardest part is ahead of us, so keep linking. It's easy. Just copy and paste:

<a href="http://www.lightningfield.com">David Gallagher</a>

Thanks all.

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Brooklynkid: Giant Beetle.


Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn. Patriotic  #

Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn.

Patriotic toilet floats, plumbing supply store.

Salvation Army.

. . .

Random photos by Joanna.

. . .

Thanks to Neille in Paris for joining the struggle. More links needed.

Update: funkyorange and the amazing hunkabutta (nice pic) jump on the bandwagon. It's an international movement...


Soho, Manhattan. An architect  #

Soho, Manhattan.
An architect friend is building a stairway to heaven. More photos here.

. . .

Those water towers reminded me of this thing about water towers.

. . .

Do you get your Internet access through Verizon? If so, please drop me a note. It's for a story I'm working on. Thanks.


Times Square, Manhattan. Gray's  #

Times Square, Manhattan.

Gray's Papaya, Upper West Side, Manhattan.

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Many thanks to Rion, bgirl and MOF (did I miss any?) for helping out with my quest for the gold.

I now take the top spot in searches for "david gallagher photos," but I'm still stuck at #5 in the one that really counts.

If I'm going to make it to #1, I'll need you people to post lots more links like this one: David Gallagher. Link away! Thanks.

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More navel-gazing Google fun: lightningfield.com remixed.

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Nice NYT article on changes to the venerable Hagstrom maps of New York.


Park Slope, Brooklyn. I  #

Park Slope, Brooklyn.

I returned the found art to the sidewalk. Within a few hours it was gone.

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Rion.nu: Pigeon attack.


Doylestown, Pennsylvania, and a quest  #

Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

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I've decided that I want to be the most famous David Gallagher on the Internet, and if you have a Web site, you can help. How? Link to this site like so: David Gallagher. Here's the high-tech hypertext markup code for ease of copying and pasting:

<a href="http://www.lightningfield.com">David Gallagher</a>

Your links will show Google that this is clearly the most important David Gallagher-related site on the Web, far more relevant, entertaining and useful than those devoted to that other guy. (Similar tactics have worked for other people.)

See, this is not really about me, it's about striking a blow against the dominance of mediocre television-saturated mass-market culture. Also it would be fun to get more mail like this:

From: ...@aol.com
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 14:53:50 EST
Subject: Fwd: hey

Hi! I am like your greatest fan ever (maybe). Hey maybe we can go out some time. I am the same age as you. I drive a a red Firebird. Hey I have to tell you, you are really really HOTT. I have brown hair and brown eyes, and I am really beautiful too. I am going to give you something @----(


Ringing Rocks Park, Bucks  #

Ringing Rocks Park, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

A big field of metallic boulders that actually ring when struck.

Some think this area might make a good gateway to the land of the elves.

I mean, you never know.

. . .

Fire Hydrants of the Mojave Desert. From FireHydrant.org.

See also Fire and Water, paintings of fire hydrants by Anna L. Conti, on display at the Canvas Gallery in San Francisco.


Frenchtown, New Jersey. .  #

Frenchtown, New Jersey.

. . .

Gisèle Didi: Chronique Ordinaire. "Self-portrait and vision of the day."


Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Frenchtown,  #

Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Frenchtown, New Jersey.

See also 11.24.

. . .

Hank's Truck Pictures. Enormous. It's surprising when you see trucks day after day, you take them for granted.


Upper West Side, Manhattan,  #

Upper West Side, Manhattan, last month.

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A year ago: Air conditioners.

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2bangkok.com: Thai references in The Simpsons. Also The Simpsons in Thai.


Manhattan. Kara really wanted  #

Kara really wanted to be on this site.

. . .

"Hands," photos by Philippe Pavans, another photo-of-the-day person, and a good one at that.


Manhattan. Crazy wind-whipped trash  #

Crazy wind-whipped trash fire near Columbus Circle.

Inside the deli on the corner: "Fire? What fire?"

. . .

Excerpts from an e-mail about my Japan photos:

From: "Tomo" <...@ma2.justnet.ne.jp>
Subject: Hello

I'm a 19-year-old Japanese. You want to say in your website that in Japan there are imitations of foreign cultures. But in US and Europe, other countries there are imitations of Asian cultures, too. There are products with English in Asia, but in US and Europe there are clothes printed with Kanji [Japanese characters] and tatoos of Kanji. Many white people don't know meanings of kanji but they think kanji is original and nice, so they make clothes printed with it. Europeans wearing kanji clothes make Chinese and Japanese laugh a lot. They ask Asians what kanji means. Many Americans and Europeans like imitating Asian cultures (martial arts and eating Asian foods, etc.) very much, and some people use chopsticks as well as Asians. [...] Imitations of foreign cultures are everywhere. Not only in Japan. So why do you talk about the phenomenon in only Japan?

My response:
I was in an Asian-fusion restaurant the other night. There were big Chinese characters painted on the wall all around the top of the room. I bet that none of the restaurant patrons had any idea what they meant. I think this is the kind of thing you are talking about.
Are there any sites that have pictures of pseudo-Japanese things seen outside of Japan? I would really like to see this. Maybe you should start one (with English translations, please).


Manhattan. In the three  #

In the three months that I was gone, the flag situation apparently spun out of control.

The flag is now on soy sauce packets. There were even little flag stickers on the bananas at my supermarket, even though the bananas themselves were from Costa Rica.

Many outdoor flags, especially on cars, are now more than a little tattered. (Here's another.)

The message a beat-up flag sends is, "Last year I really loved my country, but lately I've been losing interest in the relationship, and we've drifted apart."

When your flag has expired, please dispose of it in the proper flag container. Thank you.

. . .

A year ago: Chinatown and other things.

. . .

I don't know much about math, but I know what I like.


From São Paulo, Brazil: Fotodiario.  #

From São Paulo, Brazil: Fotodiario.


Here's a weblog about the  #

Here's a weblog about the forum. Dan Gillmor is here too.

Despite advance hype, I have seen little evidence of protesters.

The photo I wish I had taken: Row of chairs on a stage awaiting panelists, the two on the left marked "BONO" and "TUTU."

. . .