April 2001


Subways  #

Park Slope.

Union Square, I think.

. . .

Updates will be sporadic for a while. But when they happen, they should be good...


Lower East Side, Manhattan  #

D train over the Manhattan Bridge.

Subway ghosts. See also 2.15.

. . .

A follow-up to my story about spam from Saks: Last week I got an e-mail from Epigraphx LLC.


Recently you received a mailing regarding a FREE 7-ISSUE MINI SUBSCRIPTION to New York magazine. Because you are a prior purchaser on Urban Fetch.com, we are sending you this LAST CHANCE REMINDER.

Prior UrbanFetch purchasers get all sorts of privileges, it seems, including the right to have their info sold to anyone who wants it.

Some people get really upset about this kind of thing.


Midtown Manhattan  #

Corporate architecture.

. . .

Tacky Web ad of the day, as seen on Sitemeter.com.

And then the angel said unto the shepherds, "Behold! Crappy bible cards! Not available in stores! Order now!" And the shepherds were annoyed.

. . .

A reader writes:

BTW, thanks for tipping me off. I spun the cube at Astor Place today.
This is really what it's all about.

Product watch  #

Oh thank god. It's the ice cream of the future! Our dessert problems are solved.

Stick-Um brand candle adhesive, pre- and post-PC. See also 1.9.

. . .

Customers who bought the items in your shopping cart also bought:

* Canon CanoScan N1220U USB Flatbed Scanner by Canon Computer Systems Electronics
* Kensington SaddleBag Carrying Case (Black/Brown) by Kensington Electronics
* Anna and the King �(1999)� DVD ~ Jodie Foster

And throw in some of that Purina Cat Chow too, please.

Doylestown, Pa.  #

In the woods behind Fonthill.

. . .

If you missed last night's reading, you can recreate it in the comfort of your own home. Just read this aloud. But first you have to find someone as funny as Rebecca to read the lines from the hysterical pre-teens. And print out lots of visual aids, including several yellow frowny-faces.


Animals  #

Doylestown, Pa.

Lambertville, N.J.

New Hope, Pa.
Even the most dreary site can be improved simply by adding some pictures of cute animals.

. . .

A reminder: You should show up TONIGHT at 7 at KGB, 85 E. 4th St. between 2nd and 3rd, where I will be participating in a reading organized by Ironminds. There will be dramatic surprises.


Clip  #
Something I wrote for today's NYT business section: Popular Web Publishing Service to Get Help From Trellix. The popular service is Blogger.

(Someone noted the interesting correspondence between the photos here and here. A bit sad.)


Out the front window, Brooklyn  #

Olympic-size hopscotch. The numbers go up to 240-something.

Good Friday procession.

. . .

At Travelocity: Dream Maps. Tempting.


Park Slope, Brooklyn  #

Asphalt-chewing machine on Fifth Ave.

. . .

On Tuesday evening at 7 I will be participating in an Ironminds reading at KGB in the East Village. The premise of these events is that reading something on a screen by yourself is not as enjoyable as listening to someone read their writing in front of other people while drinking beer. You should come. It might be funny. And it's free. (The beer is not.)


Manhattan  #

Soho, aftermath of a horrible Big Wheel accident.

At the Andreas Gursky exhibit at MOMA, which is highly recommended, and which includes a photo something like this one, only bigger and better.

. . .

I really wish I got more hate mail.

. . .

How to fold a crepes.


Prospect Park, Brooklyn  #

There were millions of these in the grass.

Bug's-eye view.

. . .

From deep in the archives of my old home page: Undesirable Music. I would guess that Singapore is not too thrilled about Napster.


Soho, with lightning and rain  #

Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 11:09:43 -0300
Subject: Report

Hello, my name is Katie, I live in Newport, Pennsylvania and I am doing a report for my Science Class on Lightning and Thunder. I would appreciate it very much if you could e-mail me information on Lightning and Thunder. I would like a photo of lightning strikes also a chart or graph if you would have anything available... Thank you for your time.

Sorry Katie, this is the best I could do.

Astor Place, Manhattan  #

Many people are not aware that the cube is spinnable. Cricket demonstrates.

Astonished passersby give it a whirl.

There are other cubes -- one is in Michigan.

. . .

NYT article on Roden Crater, which the artist has been working on for 20 years, and which he now says will not be open until 2003. I want to go now.


Park Slope  #

Big blurry bumblebee attacks a windowpane.

. . .

I know the person who actually lives in this Brooklyn farmhouse, built 1720-1800.

. . .



Park Slope, yesterday  #

Note presence of actual sunshine.

. . .

From Citysearch (which one really shouldn't use because it's part of Ticketmaster but what else is there really): Weather by Neighborhood. Why?

. . .

Tom Hanks: Where Is He Now?


Brooklyn  #

Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn.
Liberty has seen better days.

Park Slope, Brooklyn.
This millennium could use some giant heroes.

. . .

I wrote an article for the Circuits section of the NYT: Napster Users Test File-Sharing Alternatives. The Web version features an audio interview with me, for some reason.

Bonus link: Gnutella.com. (Brought to you by some "nihilistic media terrorists" who happen to work for a major media company.)


Taxi, Manhattan --> Brooklyn  #

The scary jail-type building on Atlantic Ave.

. . .

A friend at a media outlet forwarded this:

Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2001 03:50:27 EST
Subject: Tom Jones...Hot Story Tip!

...My name is Pastor Jack J. Stahl of the Progressive Universal Life Church in Sacramento, CA. (USA)

I believe TOM JONES is a GOD & I worship him...

I believe your readers would find me most interesting... Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience...

Why couldn't he have picked Al Green?

East Village, Manhattan  #

. . .

My friend Amy has been getting asked out on dates by men who have developed crushes on her Salon caricature. (She's already spoken for.)

Strange but true: Amy is listed under "Hot Topics" on Salon's home page, after Survivor but before Camille Paglia. Not bad.


Subway people  #

Man in fez, regarding the trash train on the uptown track as a bad omen, wonders if his downtown express will ever come.

. . .

The dancing guy, a fellow Brooklynite, reflects on his sudden fame. And makes animal noises. See also this article (warning: Murdoch product).

. . .