Street Life, Chengdu, China (2)

Chengdu, China.

Ear cleaning.

Precision telecom repair.

The entire staff of a hotpot restaurant, including the hostess in red cheongsam and heels, holds a pep rally and takes a few laps around the parking lot before the dinner shift starts. (I took a movie of this accidentally.)

This woman was playing cards through the back fence of a tea garden, perhaps after committing some horrible violation of tea garden etiquette.


chengdu is my city.i am a student in sichuan university.i love the city so much.
hotpot is my must loving food,especially in cold days.
in sunday,if possible,my father always go to a tea garden in a same park,have a cup of tea,have a 'ear clean',chat with his friend or just do nothing.
i really love the life in chengdu.

Posted by: bailing at November 17, 2005 9:08 AM

Thank you for your photos. My husband and I are coming to Chengdu in May to visit family and need to ask what is appropriate for a woman to wear? May i wear a sleeveless shirt and shorts? Also, may i bring my father's ashes to my family there or is that not a good custom?
Thank you for your help, Allison~

Posted by: Allison Yii at April 28, 2006 7:02 PM
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