Lijiang, Yunnan, China (3)

Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China.


Super blog! Zdjęcia też całkiem ładne i oby tak dalej! Pozdrawiam!

I am from Poland. I am 19 years old. Has super photo!

Posted by: gorbant at May 2, 2005 4:19 PM

pity, pity, such beauty is being damaged by 'the fast development' of china. pity. i've been there more than 5 times.

Posted by: Eddy at May 5, 2005 2:16 PM

You have some nice photos in there; must be a pro or camera buff. I was in Yunnan in Oct covering Shangri-la, Lijiang, Dali and Kunming and have published some photos in my blog. Feel free to visit me.

Posted by: larikuatkuat at November 6, 2005 9:32 PM
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