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Something I wrote for today's NYT: Warner's Tryst With Bloggers Hits Sour Note. The story was inspired by a mention of Warner Brothers Records' recent pitches to MP3 bloggers in a roundtable discussion with the bloggers on The Morning News. The story talks about this post on Music for Robots where one or more people at Warner Brothers apparently left comments without disclosing their affiliation with the company. Related links:

-- Dallas Observer on the Secret Machines and the secret machinery behind the promotion of their album
-- IMedia Connection interview with Robin Bechtel, head of new media at Warner Brothers Records
-- Berkman Center audio segment on MP3 bloggers
-- Billboard on blogs, music, buzz


Very nice article David and interesting how the labels are looking at blogs. I blogged this article through a roundabout earlier this morning when techdirt picked it up at:


I recently wrote an article on my blog entitled Nine Things that the RIAA Does not want you to know at http://thomashawk.com/2004/08/nine-things-riaa-mpaa-apple-walmartcom_12.html

Thanks for the beautiful photographs by the way! I've been stopping by your site regularly to look at them.

Posted by: Thomas Hawk at August 16, 2004 6:12 PM