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-- Photos I took of some collapsing piers in the Hudson River, seen here on 2002.06.10 and 09, served as raw material for a "Zippy the Pinhead" strip that ran back in March. Bill Griffith, creator of the legendary Zippy, was kind enough to credit me in the strip, but failed to follow instructions and ask first. When I e-mailed him he apologized and sent me a nice big print of the strip, so everyone's happy. Thanks to Cyndy Buckhaults of the Rail-Marine Information Group ("people from around the world with a common interest in the history of the transportation of railroad equipment across water") for the heads-up.

-- I've learned that the Renault factory that's being torn down inspired a setting in "Code Lyoko," a manga-esque French-American production now airing on Cartoon Network. The show's fans are upset with the demolition and have filled up the comments with confused rants: "I think it's an insult to the TV show this factory was based on."

-- I added some entertaining reader mail to the entry on Deyrolle (which, sadly, was less cluttered and therefore less fun when I visited it again last month), and had to make some changes to the one on Paris H*lt*n.

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