Times Square, Manhattan

Times Square, Manhattan.
These were taken with my new phone, which can also receive e-mail. Send it a message describing your current geographic location. Be specific.

Idea stolen from gmtPlus9.

Update: Thanks for playing. Some responses:

Malmo, Sweden ... kerala, india - in an office building ... the east side of Des Moines, IA. ... San Francisco, CA at lat: 37.773582 long: -122.423224 ... Its halv past nine in the evening here in Gothenburg, Sweden. ... 40∞ 50' 48" , -73∞ 55' 14" ... upper montclair, new jersey, 07043 ... sitting in my apartment, on thompson and spring. ... first floor of a house at 2** kenwood ave catonsville, md 21228 ... DECL=+50 and DECL=+60, RA=23h and RA=3h. ... In the philosophy department lounge at the University of Chicago, Illinois. ... tucson, az, in my apartment. this is what you meant, right? ... I'm in my office on the fourth floor of 3** Fifth Avenue, NYC, between 31st and 32nd Streets ... at work in the Fisher's Landing area, on the east side of town, Vancouver, WA ... Houston, Texas ... Manila! ... my crappy cubicle, in my crappy office. canal/hudson. tribeca. manhattan. new york city. new york state. united states. world. ... 40d 41m 10.925s N, 73d 58m 31.206s W, 2nd floor. ... Estoril, Cascais, Portugal, Europe. =) hi! ... singapore, off the tip of the malaysian peninsula. University Road, just on the outskirts of the city area. ... rio de janeiro, brazil ... Pittsburgh, PA. ... boston, massachusetts ... Roma, Italy, Europe. At my home listening music. ... St. Louis, Missouri, USA. southwest city, near the intersection of Lansdowne Avenue and River Des Peres Blvd. ... Dallas! ... 11** Hotz Ave Iowa City, Iowa ... In a building, Chatswood, Sydney, Australia, Earth. ... very snowy and cold. (minneapolis) ... Six floors above Charles Village, Baltimore. ... Vancouver Washington USA ... Harcourt road, Redland, Bristol, UK. It's raining here as well. ... Room 4056, Marriott Marquis in Times Square. Horribly hungover. ... Oroville, California. west coast of United States. two hours from Sacremento. The planet earth. The gallexy milky way ... I am in New Iberia, LA. In my house. In my bed.