I was on the

I was on the train for a good 20 minutes before I spotted this.

. . .

My contribution to the glut of war coverage, in the 'Nation at War' section of today's NYT: Military Families Find Closeness Online. It's mostly about wives and moms of soldiers who have online journals or weblogs. Some of the sites mentioned:

-- Oklahoma Reflections
-- Letters From the Homefront
-- BackBite
-- Sgt. Stryker's Daily Briefing (especially the posts by Sgt. Mom)
-- MilitaryWives.com (currently down)

While surfing around for this story I came across some bits of Web culture that were new to me: blinkies, blog quilts and the wildly popular "country crafts" Web design movement, which is fiercely protective of its intellectual property.

. . .

A friend in Kuwait is producing these audio reports from correspondents for NYTimes.com. They're labeled 'Times War Briefing' on the home page.