Park Slope, Brooklyn. Ten

Park Slope, Brooklyn.
Ten helicopters have been circling the the neighborhood for an hour. The last pass was directly over the house and perhaps 50 feet up.

Is this going to be an all-the-time kind of thing?

. . .

For future reference, the phone number for the press office of the Department of Homeland Security is 202-282-8010. I had to call the F.B.I. to get this number. No joke.

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I've been doing some long-distance editing for Italy Weekly, formerly Italy Daily, where I worked for a while in 2001. This week they ran some of my photos with an article on the Cinque Terre (1.6MB PDF, link good until Friday), a string of cliff-hugging villages that's a great place for a hike. The other photos are by Monica, who wrote the article.