Penn Station, Manhattan. A

Penn Station, Manhattan.
A lot of public art is supposed to make people feel better about their surroundings. Andrew Leicester's "Ghost" murals in the vast basement that is Penn Station are meant to remind them that their surroundings used to be a lot better. See also 1.28.2002 and 10.28.2002.

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It seems every story on Google lately has mentioned this survey on branding in which Google was named "2002 Brand of the Year." It's important to note that the people who volunteered to take the survey were all visitors to a Web site about branding, and as such were more likely to be aware of hot Web brands than the general population. Reuters didn't get around to noting this until the end: "Perhaps the fact that Interbrand's survey was hosted on the Internet had something to do with the results." Perhaps.

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Federal Highway Administration: Noise Barrier Aesthetics. Via Jason.