Taxis, Manhattan. . .

Taxis, Manhattan.

. . .

I came up with a little scoop that's in today's Times: New Service Offers Made-to-Order CD's From TV Show. Build your own "Dawson's Creek" soundtrack here.

. . .

While reporting that story I went looking for the Web site of SoundScan, an important service that compiles the sales data used in the Billboard charts, among other places. I found this ugly creature. It's not just ugly, it's also shockingly unfriendly, apart from this helpful bit:

SoundScan's On-Line Help screens utilize an "underlining" hyper-text convention. Therefore, while using the help menu's and text screens, click on any COLORED UNDERLINED WORD. This action will open additional screens, providing more, in depth explanations and graphical representations. Try it now!