Abandoned platform in the

Abandoned platform in the Chambers St. JMZ station, Manhattan.

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Mind-boggling reader e-mail.

From: "Ray Gould" <...@concentric.net>
Subject: St. Francisville
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 22:20:24 -0600

Dear David,

I stumbled upon your website and found your pictures from your travels through West Feliciana Parish and St. Francisville [Louisiana]. I grew up in St. Francisville during the 1960's and your pictures brought back fond memories.

In particular, when you took that wrong turn and ended up at the bridge with water flowing over it,  you found a place that really brings back memories.

My parents owned approximately 60 acres located about 30 minutes drive from that bridge. While I was growing up in the '60's, my mother would take me and my four brothers down to that bridge to play in the sand. It was the closest thing to a beach that we could reach via a short drive. (Yeah, that bridge has been here since at least the mid '60's.)

Back then (and probably still now), the bridge was referred to as "The Low Water Bridge." I do not know the origin of that moniker, but I suspect it originated from the fact that the creek could not be forded unless the water was low.

The sunken truck has been there for years. I've never heard a definitive (nor reliable) story about how it came to be there, but many legends have been spun about that event. Suffice it to say that the truth is probably far more boring than the fiction that has been inspired by the water flowing through its ruined windshield....


Ray Gould
Metairie, Louisiana

I guess one person's middle-of-nowhere is someone else's somewhere.