Irish Hunger Memorial, Battery

Irish Hunger Memorial, Battery Park City, Manhattan.
The monument consists of a meadow...

...and crumbling cottage, transplanted from Ireland and dropped onto a giant sloping platform.

It commemorates the famine of the late 1840s, which killed more than a million people and was made much worse by repressive British policies.

Reviews of the monument: pro and con.

Update: A reporter for an Irish-American newspaper wrote in with some dirt on the memorial:

Certain things were thrown into the memorial mix that the artist Brian Tolle disliked... because they make the memorial that much closer to theme-parky-ness.

The negative review you linked to mentioned the Celtic cross, and I recall interviewing the artist who was shuddering in horror at the arrival of the same cross from some Ancient Order of Hibernians group -- also, each county in Ireland sent stones carved with the county names, another addition that he fought to have excluded, in vain. Monaghan was especially unhelpful because they sent a neatly carved cube, such as one would never find in an Irish field.

I like the memorial myself, but I do find it a little kitschy...

I like it too. It's a little confused, and it looks positively menacing from the river walk, but at least it's not a statue on a pedestal.

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A great mirror shot.